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a fatty deposit in the intima (inner lining) of an artery

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Prevalence of calcified carotid artery atheromas on panoramic images of individuals with primary hyperparathyroidism.
Radiographic interpretations using previously published criteria to determine the presence of atheromas were performed.
Atheroma development in apolipoprotein E-null mice is not affected by partial inactivation of PTEN : Hyperglycemia and cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes.
Previous studies have shown that aggressive reductions in LDL levels lead to significant regression in coronary atheromas, as measured by intravascular ultrasound, but it has not been clear whether this is true in patients with diabetes as well as those without, said Dr.
Persistence of thin fibrous cap atheromas can be a cyclic process characterized by rupture of the fibrous cap, thrombosis, thrombus dissolution by fibrinolysis, repair/scarring, and subsequent rupture.
Reliability of nested PCR fur detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae DNA in atheromas : Results from a multicenter study applying standardized protocols.
Studies of atheromatous lesions in carotid arteries revealed that over 40% of atheromas contain antigens from periodontal pathogens including P gingivalis, T forsythensis, and Prevotella intermedia.
If you have too much LDL cholesterol,it can build up in the lining of the arteries and form atheromas,or fatty deposits.
Women at high risk of stroke can be identified by the presence of calcified carotid artery atheromas on panoramic radiographs, investigators at the University of California, Los Angeles report.
They were able to use radiolabeled annexin binding to apoptotic cells to show that therapeutic interventions, such as diet or drugs, reduce the numbers of dying macrophages in such atheromas and, therefore, may be useful in treating unstable plaque.
RF IVUS identified a total of 595 thin-cap atheromas in these subjects, but only 26 of them caused recurrent ACS.
For example, ischemic strokes due to atheromas in the large cerebral arteries occurred significantly more often during periods of high pressure and high relative humidity.