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a fatty deposit in the intima (inner lining) of an artery

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Some authors postulate that younger patients (<55 years) with cerebral ischemic events are more likely to have patent foramen ovale and atrial septal aneurysm (23,24); others theorized that older patients ([greater than or equal to]60 years) with ischemic events are likely to have thoracic aortic atheromas.
Vessels in diabetics are less able to accommodate atheromas by positive remodeling.
pneumoniae DNA was present in the majority of samples and that the few methods yielding positive results were closer to the truth, while those failing to yield a positive reaction could not detect the target either due to the failure of DNA extraction from atheroma tissues or due to some undetected inhibitory mechanism.
62,63) Animal model studies of the relationship between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease demonstrate that clinically induced oral infection with P gingivalis will increase atheroma size and elevate CRP levels in the blood.
9,10) Cholesterol crystal embolization is associated with aortoiliac atheromas in 80% of cases.
If you have too much LDL cholesterol,it can build up in the lining of the arteries and form atheromas,or fatty deposits.
Women at high risk of stroke can be identified by the presence of calcified carotid artery atheromas on panoramic radiographs, investigators at the University of California, Los Angeles report.
They were able to use radiolabeled annexin binding to apoptotic cells to show that therapeutic interventions, such as diet or drugs, reduce the numbers of dying macrophages in such atheromas and, therefore, may be useful in treating unstable plaque.
Vascular lesions known as atheromas develop in the vessel wall and in late stages may suddenly rupture, and reduce or totally stop blood flow in the lumen, leading to damage of the tissue downstream which has lost needed blood flow.
In the last decade molecular imaging has emerged as a novel tool for the visualization and measurement of biological processes in atheromas.