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the formation of atheromas on the walls of the arteries as in atherosclerosis

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This is confirmed by the reduction in the atherogenic and thrombogenic indexes.
As depicted in the above table the mean values of TC/ HDL are increasing with severity of COPD, which indicates the atherogenic risk.
The initiation of atherosclerotic lesion depends on the atherogenic modification of circulating LDL and on local change in the endothelial permeability (Vanhoutte 2009).
In our study atherogenic lipid parameters like TC and LDL-C were significantly raised in patients of MDD as compared to healthy controls (p value <0.
Rats receiving the HCD showed significant increase in the atherogenic index, defined as the ratio of non-HDL to HDL.
11] In addition, atherogenic indices such as, Castelli's Risk Index (CRI)-I = TC/HDL-c, CRI-II = LDL-c/ HDL-c, atherogenic coefficient (AC) = (TC--HDL-c)/HDL-c, TGs/HDL-c ratio, and atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) = log (TGs/HDL-c) were calculated from the individuals.
8) Fibrates may attenuate the beneficial effects of statins on LDL-C, particularly in patients with atherogenic dyslipidemia.
Key words: Medicinal plants Terminalia chebula HDL LDL Hypercholesteremia Atherogenic Index INTRODUCTION
In addition, there are no definitive reports on the variation of emerging cardiovascular indices, such as TG/HDL and atherogenic index (AI) among urban and rural diabetic patients versus respective non-diabetic controls from north India.
Group 3--experimental (rats received liposomal suspension at the dose of 20 mg/kg of body weight vitamin E in a concentration of 1% by weight of the lipids in liposomes; group 3 animals were administrated the above-noted substance daily for 14 days preemptively before an exposure to the atherogenic agent);
Researchers also observed that the avocado diet significantly lowered small, dense LDL cholesterol (a more atherogenic subclass of LDL) and oxidized LDL (atherogenic modified LDL particle).
In the circulation, triglycerides are preferentially incorporated into remnant lipoproteins, which represent a hydrolyzed form of atherogenic lipoproteins.
LDL levels show just an incomplete sign of atherogenic potentia1.
The emphasis on decreasing fat consumption has diverted attention from the enormous risk factor of atherogenic dyslipidemia, a factor in obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, he says.
Positive effects were also recorded for the atherogenic index - the total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol, and the oxidative damage of lipids decreased in a linear manner with olive oil polyphenolic content.