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Synonyms for atheistical

related to or characterized by or given to atheism

rejecting any belief in gods

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In 'Icons and Propaganda': why accept, on a par with religion, not only Leninist conversion of a church into a factory but an attempt atheistically to 'consecrate' it as such?
It strikes me as the ultimate irony that the bishops, "men of God," could have so easily bought into the atheistically inspired psychobabble idea of "curing" the felonious priests under their direction.
And suffer you can, atheistically sometimes but always in the pocketbook.
You have got to be atheistically perfect, everything has got to be in the right place.
Glynn points to "the mischievous consequences of atheistically inspired social policy and social experimentation.
The state does not endorse religion by permitting religious parents to raise their child religiously, any more than it endorses atheism by permitting atheists to raise their child atheistically.
Navigationally superior, atheistically designed and comprehensive in its functionality, it is hoped that this addition will richly justify its presence.
Atheistically, "Messages" is Abdel Sayed's most perfectly composed picture to date, an element frequently missing from his previous outings.