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Synonyms for atheistical

related to or characterized by or given to atheism

rejecting any belief in gods

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1) For Donne's view as one of the "leading tenets of atheistical thought" in the sixteenth century, see Carey (1990, 149).
He states that Christianity can happily sit with modernity: 'Christian humanism is a thoroughly modern alternative to both atheistical humanism and exclusive humanism'.
She has renounced the life of a violent revolutionary and embraced Jainism, an atheistical Indian philosophy whose practitioners advocate the ethical principle of nonviolence, often living its precepts to the extreme.
I think most people admire pictures in this sort of atheistical fashion; yet, next to loving pictures, and all the pleasure they give .
25) Gulliver's exaltation of the horse above the human has been considered as placing him in atheistical Spinozan company; see Anne Barbeau Gardiner, '"Be yeas the horse
To call someone a 'Hottentot' because they were ill-mannered or dirty or ignorant or atheistical was, implicitly, to acknowledge that inhabitants of England, France or Germany could act very like the natives of the Cape.
Needless to say, the Islamists of Britain could never themselves use such terminology, it being tainted by its origins in an atheistical and materialistic ideology.
Resolve that neither the State nor Nation, nor both combined shall support institutions of learning other than those sufficient to afford to every child growing up in the land the opportunity of a good common school education, unmixed with sectarian, pagan, or atheistical dogmas.
His fondness for 'clubbing it' in 'beastly and atheistical company' scandalised Oliver Cromwell and other godly rumpers.
But this in the Opinion of the lower House, is atheistical and detestable, dangerous, pernitious, scandalous, and destructive of the Christian Faith.
36) He attacked government support for "sectarian schools" run by private religious organizations, (37) and issued a rousing call for the defense of public education "unmixed with sectarian, pagan or atheistical dogmas.
Her intention is to ask the monks in the monastery there to intercede for the soul of her dead atheistical father.
Darwin's theory need not be atheistical, be it true or not; it may simply be suggesting a larger idea of Divine Prescience and Skill.
She turns to Jacob Holyoake, "founder of organized Secularism," "first chairman of the Rationalist Press Association" (109) and co-producer of the Oracle of Reason, "the first outspokenly atheistical periodical published in English" (110), another in a long line of texts destined to elicit establishment offense.