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Synonyms for atheistic

Synonyms for atheistic

rejecting any belief in gods

related to or characterized by or given to atheism

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Faced with an atheistic client who is "stuck" in a 12-Step setting, I try to help this person gain hope for the future and reap the life lessons that AA has to offer.
It is suffused with a certain arrogance about the subject matter, where he comes close to simply assuming the truth of his position, begging many of the important questions, and not addressing them adequately or fairly (John Searle has made a similar point about Dennett's work on consciousness, which is part of his larger atheistic project).
A Serious Man shows why the Jews invented atheism, but the film is not atheistic.
The Leader cautioned that enemies are seeking to disrupt the Iranian economy, sow discord among the different state bodies and officials, and infiltrate their atheistic thoughts into the society in a bid to undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran's ruling system.
He called among other things, for reformulating the political system on non-sectarian basis stressing that secular states were not atheistic.
As editor of East Europe magazine during the successful struggle against the atheistic Communist tyranny, I would like to express my appreciation for the many achievements of Bahrain.
Both the atheistic attempts to infer lack of design from science and the Design advocate's attempts to claim holes in scientific explanation are based on the erroneous assumption that natural causes equal lack of guidance.
Back in London, the atheistic Daniel is wrestling with something his "cold philosophy" cannot explain--something unearthly he thought he saw while swimming for help in the Pacific.
Involved in the process were changing theological positions and church practices, reactions to atheistic pressures, and influences from both Russian Baptists and Western theological ideas.
Atheistic evolution is espoused as an unquestionable fact as if there was only one uniform explanation of the origin of life.
Behind Warburg loom Bertrand Russell and Bernard Berenson reflecting atheistic 'freedom' and the worship of art.
Joining issue with the government, the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council (KCBC) has sought the withdrawal of social science textbooks for Grade 7, alleging that the book instills anti-religious feelings and atheistic attitudes in the minds of children.
Catholic Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has stated that atheistic secularism ultimately diminishes us.
Former director of the Israel office of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies Zev Golan presents God, Man and Nietzsche, an evenhanded look as to what a believer of God can learn from the atheistic teachings of Nietzsche, while retaining his faith.
On the positive side, he defends the validity of atheistic ethics, with help from philosopher Peter Singer and others--just in case you still thought you had to be godly to be good.