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a furnace that feeds itself so as to maintain a uniform temperature

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Athanor is an Italian dining place and cafe at Dahab's most famous lighthouse hotspot, near the touristic centre of the city.
(12) I contend that there is a greater relationship or analogy with near-contemporary romance and romance illustration and the miniatures of the Jour du Jugement, in particular Jean de Meun's Roman de la Rose and Robert de Boron's Merlin; see Karlyn Griffith, "Viewing the Romance of Antichrist in the Miniatures of the Jour du Jugement MS Besancon 579," Athanor 27 (2009): 25-33.
Also it is called a secret Den, because of the secretness of Ashes or Sand, in which in a Philosophical Athanor it is set, the doores being firmly shut up, and a prospect left to look in by a Window, either to open a little, as much as is convenient sometimes, as occasion requires, or else with Glass put into it, to admit the view of the Artist; together with a light at hand to shew the colours (Philalethes 1678).
Although he drifted across to the stands' rail inside the final furlong, Laa Rayb kept on powerfully to score by five lengths from Athanor.
Hoy, la exacerbacion del tribalismo (comunitarismo ensimismado), el individualismo (la respuesta personal ante problemas estructurales), el autoritarismo y sus narrativas de imposicion y las transformaciones de lo publico derivadas del declive de la politica, de la creciente monopolizacion del espacio interpretativo y de los acelerados avances tecnologicos, desestabilizan el athanor en el que se habian producido los sentidos sociales del mundo y de la vida.
vessel which was placed in the alchemist's furnace or athanor. (5) The violin of The Cat and the Fiddle, the horn and drum of
philosophical journal Athanor, published in English, devoted to articles
According to Similarity, its AXIO and ATHANOR products provide functionality for data quality programmes to be started and managed, working with all data types.
Similarity Systems' Athanor suite includes data profiling, standardising, matching, cleansing and data enrichment tools.
The integration of Evoke Axio and Similarity Athanor will provide a universal data-profiling and data-quality solution for business intelligence, data warehouse, and systems migration initiatives.
The fifteenth-century castle has been restored, and together with the park, named Athanor, it serves as the background for the works of twentieth-century sculptor Etienne Martin, an artist attracted to alchemy and the magic of stones.
"L'opera e il metodo", Athanor. Rivista d'arte, letteratura, semiotica, filosofia [Ravenne], no.