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a furnace that feeds itself so as to maintain a uniform temperature

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Project management assistance mission for the closure of the public service delegation contracts for the incineration plant and the sorting center and the future management of equipment at the athanor site in la tronche.
Reconstruir piedra por piedra, el athanor, es volver a integrar un orden.
An edition of the Italian philosophical journal Athanor, published in English, devoted to articles by women on the gift economy.
According to Similarity, its AXIO and ATHANOR products provide functionality for data quality programmes to be started and managed, working with all data types.
Similarity Systems' Athanor suite includes data profiling, standardising, matching, cleansing and data enrichment tools.
The integration of Evoke Axio and Similarity Athanor will provide a universal data-profiling and data-quality solution for business intelligence, data warehouse, and systems migration initiatives.
The fifteenth-century castle has been restored, and together with the park, named Athanor, it serves as the background for the works of twentieth-century sculptor Etienne Martin, an artist attracted to alchemy and the magic of stones.
From another perspective, the syntax of this passage is the alchemical athanor capable of cooking up an infinity of functions and substances through the implied matrix titled: the elements have been transmuted In the first part of the sentence leading up to the verb ("a ete construit"), one has the sense of fundamental elements just formed from prime matter leading to the second half where they are successfully transformed.
With Similarity Systems ATHANOR data quality solution, Cognos 8 BI users can take control of enterprise-wide data quality, monitoring data quality levels within the data warehouse and tackling the up-stream source data quality issues at multiple points across the organization.
Jones, a former director of the Gerrard Group, joined Athanor Capital Partners as a director in 2004, before setting up hedge fund specialist JTP Partners the following year.
An Athanor, Barrandov Studio, Ceska Televize (Czech Republic)/C-GA Film (Slovakia) production.
Mobile phone operator, Vodafone, has implemented business data management company, Similiarity Systems', Data Quality management solution, ATHANOR, to manage its subscriber information in Ireland.
2 See my review of Russo's novel Eclipse sur le Lac Tanganyika (Paris, Le Nouvel Athanor, 1994) in WLT 69:3 (Summer 1995), p.
LONDON -- Similarity Systems unveiled the latest release of its leading business-focused data quality platform, ATHANOR 3.