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a reappearance of an earlier characteristic

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See Brantlinger, "Imperial Gothic: Atavism and the Occult in the British Adventure Novel, 1880-1914," English Literature in Transition 28, no.
I do not know if there is a connection between Taleb's change in tone toward Hayek and Hayek's criticism of atavism, but it is worth noting.
That is the background against which Pater's Platonic and aristocratic perfection joins bohemian and avant-gardist atavism for the young Murry.
As Pollan and other critics have pointed out, such ecological atavism would be pointless even if it were possible.
President Musharraf is an atavism," Ghani said, amid appreciative laughter, adding, " as far as India and Pakistan are concerned, my job is to ensure we all cooperate.
The complementary dimension of symbols and ideas, however, appears starved of corn-mensu rate innovation and energy, if not gripped by regression and atavism.
And yet, the likes of John Kerry turn reality on its head by accusing Moscow of engaging in benighted 20th century atavism.
With enlightenment and progress in some parts of the world accompanied by atavism and stagnation elsewhere, this is not an easy question.
A possibility to explain these heterotic characters is atavism, that is, appearance in the hybrid of a character not present in either parent, but postulated to be ancestral in the group (Graves 1990).
I wonder what Brennan's argument would look like if he doffed entirely his political philosopher's hat, if he shed entirely the classical vision of liberty as participation over autonomy, if he dropped completely the lingering atavism of noble politics.
But his was far from being a mere boohoo over the lost glory of the past, or a thoughtless wild goose chase after some atavism.
According to Wallace, who studied Iroquois and Delaware nativism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, these revitalization movements were not simple atavism but, instead, "deliberate, organized, conscious effort[s] by members of a society to construct a more satisfying culture" in the face of colonialism (265).
In a less Machiavellian vein, think about whether [disgust] actually does anything for us, or whether it's some ancient atavism that we might as well just ditch.
nightly atavism based on superstition; and modern society and statehood vs.
While the "black drop" evokes the one-drop rule that condemned any American with African heritage to slavery--"Fate," it is worth noting, was written in the angry wake of the Fugitive Slave Law--it also intimates a dark atavism that could hound people through generations.