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a reappearance of an earlier characteristic

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(8.) Tebble further classifies the critique to cover "meaningfulness, atavism, feasibility and compatibility" (2009, 582).
But not everyone responds to terrorist attacks with the atavism of Trump or Britain First.
Milder then offers an extended Freudian reading of Hester Prynne's role in the novel, declaring that "Hawthorne is asking whether the rebellious woman proclaiming her selfhood and suing for her rights is the prototype for a new, unrepressed human personality or a splendid atavism whose sexuality is a danger both to her immediate society and to the interests of civilization as it rests on the sublimation of libido" (xxv).
Kitchen's main value added is to treat Speer as prototypical of the Nazi regime in three respects: He personified the bourgeois backing Hitler could not do without, the combination of modernity and atavism characteristic of the Third Reich, and the corrupt profiteering rampant in the Nazi elite.
They missed the stunned and polite silence that would follow such atavism. Perhaps in today's world the surgeon who maintains that laparotomy is safer, better and more thorough than laparoscopy in most situations, should start thinking about planning for retirement.
Had she had unfettered access to show whatever she wanted in the exhibit, Sebregondi would have paired the Millet with Salvador Dali's "Atavism at Twilight" (1933) at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern, Switzerland.
He later also came around to Hamilton's views on the inadequacy of farmer-musketeers as a substitute for a professional fighting force; on the wisdom of the federal government assuming state debts; and on the futility of Jefferson's agrarian atavism.
Collectively, we must irradiate the enclaves of religious atavism with humane alternatives, new vistas of the world, new insights into history, new propositions of human relationships--of gender, race, beliefs, classes and identities.
There is even "atavism" as a case of this mismatching.12
"The corrida may be our truest atavism, in the figurative sense of that word," he writes.
But it was an expression of pure human empathy in the face of inhuman slaughter, a demonstration of Enlightenment values in the face of seventh-century atavism.
The atavism of Sri Lanka's immediate past is perfectly caught in Michael Ondaatje's novel Anil's Ghost, in which a forensic pathologist encounters among the debris of skeletons from the sixth century the discarded body of a modern man.
As Pollan and other critics have pointed out, such ecological atavism would be pointless even if it were possible.
The origin of supernumerary teeth started a long discussion on tooth homology (Wolsan, 1984; Peterkova et al., 2006; see also Hinton, 1923 for former hypothesis), whether this anomaly is a result of heredity, a mutation or an atavism. The present dentition of muroid rodents is currently understood as a result of the loss of the canines, incisors and premolars, and only the molars and a pair of incisors remained (see Peterkova et al., 2006).