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Social functioning at work may also be impaired in a number of ways, such as has being more irritable or angry towards co-workers or customers, or being less able to cope with interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.
Through the course of the story, Reddy slowly loses it, as she faces the increasingly impossible and ridiculous demands of doing well at work, for her children, and by her own perfectionist standards.
Since libraries are wired for the Internet, working people who do not have a computer at home or at work can use their neighborhood library to go online, set up a free e-mail account, and gain access to their local union Web site or any other Web site that meets their needs.
The Saratoga Institute study offers contradictory statistics, noting that less than 5 percent of the companies it surveyed claimed to be "very concerned" about employee personal use of the Net at work.
The economic forces at work here are simply too powerful,'' Coburn said.
According to the Census Bureau, nearly one in four fathers in two-earner families provide childcare while the mother is at work, and nearly one in five are the primary caregivers (which adds up to about 2 million men).
R S O I postpone fun activities until the deadline at work is over.
My coworkers didn't realize why I wasn't at work on Friday.
NEW YORK -- Millions of working fathers and mothers are less productive at work due to concerns about what their children are doing in the after-school hours, according to a new study released today by Catalyst, the leading nonprofit research and advisory organization working to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work.
The DCS model utilizes three dimensions or constructs that focus on explaining the development of stress for the individual at work.
Because it is illogical for people to be more "out" at work than is consistent with their self-concept about their sexual identity, it is reasonable to assume that people select identity management strategies that are consistent with or below their accomplished level of sexual identity development.