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Social functioning at work may also be impaired in a number of ways, such as has being more irritable or angry towards co-workers or customers, or being less able to cope with interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.
The counselor also can help the client to manage symptoms, medication issues, and interpersonal conflicts that might arise at work or between the client and his or her family (Torrey et al., 1998).
Through the course of the story, Reddy slowly loses it, as she faces the increasingly impossible and ridiculous demands of doing well at work, for her children, and by her own perfectionist standards.
As Cecile Jackson observes in her opening chapter, the literature on development now focuses on "the significance of women's work to household livelihoods," re-evaluating assumptions "that breadwinner identities were necessarily male." Men at Work seeks to accelerate this trend toward "a second generation of gender questions about the meaning of these identities to men ( 17)." To this end, editor Cecile Jackson and the other contributors provide vital insights.
When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, working people around the country faced some immediate challenges: how to find out the toll that the tragedy would take on people at work in those buildings and their families, and how to quickly get help to the survivors and the victims' families.
One study, from Web filtering company Websense, finds that the average employee spends 21 hours online each week at work versus only 9.5 hours at home.
I need to be with my family more than I'm at work, and this way I'm at work three days a week and at home four days a week, so I'm comfortable with that." Braceras is also comfortable with the knowledge that she is unlikely to become a partner in her law firm.
It is likely that self-efficacy beliefs are at work in this situation.
He believed he was a valuable person because he was a success at work. What he forgot about--and chose to ignore--was being a success in life.
Make lists of those things that energize and de-energize you either at work or in other situations.
In Violence at work. Causes, patterns and prevention, edited by Martin Gil, Bonnie Fisher and Vaughan Bowie.
The DCS model utilizes three dimensions or constructs that focus on explaining the development of stress for the individual at work. The individual, the central figure in this model, has his or her perceptions of work experience ultimately shaped by these factors.
Everley, "Shift Work and Health," Health and Safety at Work, September 1992, 40-41.
So connected is the Sunday Eucharist with the Body of Christ at work in the world that scripture enjoins us to leave the bread and wine at the table until we have made peace and justice with all sisters and brothers.
And it means what we always understand best at work: rewards and penalties.