at sea

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perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

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Any state has jurisdiction to capture pirates on the high seas (determining which state could and should prosecute pirates captured at sea is difficult).
The H-46D continued to demonstrate its versatility, flying every mission from VERTREP and cargo moves at sea, to enemy prisoner-of-war operations and medevacs in Iraq and Kuwait, to special warfare extractions in Liberia.
Linda Duane, MSRD, food service director at Sea View, chaired the committee, which included: staff members from administration, nursing, food service/dietary, engineering/maintenance, housekeeping, and activities.
But its antecedents date to 1790, when the Coast Guard's predecessor - the Revenue Cutter Service - was granted equally broad authority to board vessels at sea.
Scientists warn that the effects of trash at sea are long-lasting and far-reaching.
We are their primary source for passengers, mail and priority stores while they are at sea.