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the 90 degree angle between two perpendicular lines

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in calibre, and a working length of 7 inches with the jaws open, gently rounded tip, jaws should open fully by turning the knurled knob at proximal end, and then occupy a position at right angles to the shaft of the instrument.
Rollers pop up between the belts to transfer items at right angles to the sorter.
2 : being at right angles to a line or surface <The letter T is made with two perpendicular lines.
Now, let us take our one-dimensional line and imagine that we can move it at right angles to itself.
Slowly lower your body until your elbows bend at right angles.
A four-storey glass-clad stack of laboratories intersects roughly at right angles with a hermetic concrete volume housing administration and support services.
A compact design allows the unit to efficiently stack pallets at right angles inside a 96-inch wide trailer.
Now, scientists report that fewer particles than expected exited at right angles from those smash ups, an indication that the colliding bodies are not acting like tiny billiard balls.
It efficiently stacks pallets at right angles inside a 96-inch wide trailer.
Moviebeam inserts a digital signal that travels at right angles (side-to-side) to the radio waves.
Differential signal pin pairs positioned at right angles to the connector body in right-angle connectors create a timing skew between the positive and negative signals as they pass through the connector.
A large spread of specialty joining equipment is also set to debut, including a Wegener butt welder that's said to be a breakthrough for combining sheets at right angles into boxes and tanks.
The violent storms demolished homes, splintered trees, and left traffic signs bent at right angles.
The rollers on the TRT rotate at right angles to the direction the belt is traveling.
Trainers usually emphasize moving at right angles to exit a kill zone.