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if nothing else ('leastwise' is informal and 'leastways' is colloquial)

not less than

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In a Keddah at least there was torchlight and shouting, but here he was all alone in the dark, and once a trunk came up and touched him on the knee.
This remark, which a more delicate admirer would have uttered in a lower tone, at least was not of a nature to dissipate the feminine jealousies which were on the alert before the gypsy.
As for the Pygmies, their capital city was laid in ruins by the concussion and vibration of the air; and, though there was uproar enough without their help, they all set up a shriek out of three millions of little throats, fancying, no doubt, that they swelled the Giant's bellow by at least ten times as much.
There came suddenly an hour after which, as I look back, the affair seems to me to have been all pure suffering; but I have at least reached the heart of it, and the straightest road out is doubtless to advance.
If I had met a murderer in such a place and at such an hour, we still at least would have spoken.
We know little either of Shakespeare's school hours or play hours, but once or twice at least he may have seen a play or pageant.
At least, Mr John Rokesmith was on the pier looking out, about a couple of hours before the coaly (but to him gold-dusty) little steamboat got her steam up in London.
Zounds, madam, if you are resolved to be a drooping little figure till you die, you might at least do it in another street.
factory, 5-door, at least 5 seats, turbo diesel engine, at least 550 Nm / 250 hp, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, at least 530 kg payload, loading: at least 1000 x 1000 mm (W x D; to rear seatback), rear opening.
The report states that at least 14 terrorists were hanged in Punjab postPeshawar massacre while as many as 166,000 Afghans have been registered all over the country.
8,758,450 B2; L'Oreal, Paris has patented a method for the lightening and/or lightening dyeing of keratin materials, comprising treating said keratin fibers with: at least one direct emulsion (A) comprising at least one fatty substance free of carboxylic acid groups, at least one surfactant, water and at least one oxidizing agent; and at least one direct emulsion (B) comprising at least one fatty substance free of carboxylic acid groups, at least one surfactant, water and at least one alkaline agent.
Summary: Baghdad: Bombings and shootings killed at least 15 people in Iraq yesterday, among them a .
New compositions are available that comprise at least 40%, at least 50%, at least 60%, at least 70%, at least 80%, at least 90%, at least 95%, at least 99% or at least 99.
Key statement: A process for continuously producing an elastomeric composition includes metering and feeding at least one elastomer and at least one filler into at least one extruder, mixing and dispersing the at least one filler into the at least one elastomer using the at least one extruder, and passing the composition that results through at least one static mixer.
1) Both males and females categorized as having a high level of depressive symptoms at the time of the first interview had significantly elevated odds of reporting at least one of four specified sexual risk behaviors about one year later.