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a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series)

100 at equal 1 kip in Laos

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Things being so uncertain, what I recommend is this: that we really dig right in, as quick as we can; and after that, we can LET ON, to ourselves, that we was at it thirty-seven years.
"Letting on don't cost nothing; letting on ain't no trouble; and if it's any object, I don't mind letting on we was at it a hundred and fifty year.
Just before Allied Force, which was the air war in Serbia in 1999, we wanted to make certain our networks were secure, so I invited our red teams from Air Intelligence Agency to come over and look at it. Now we have automated password-checking tools, but at the time we didn't.
Instead of doing full backups and now incrementals, we look at it differently and use technology with all the MIPS we have available now, toss a little compute power at it, and put in some algorithms and now look at the data and are able to truly break it up into lower components and only send across the wire what's truly changed, and a map of how to rebuild it.
Just when the American companies--especially GM--are really getting good at it, it really isn't a big differentiator anymore.
Because, often, the relationship between the reality of that cost and the historical cost sends shockwaves to the people who look at it. They genuinely don't understand why communicating these simple messages should cost so much money.
You could even look at it as a pun, since Paul, the person he's writing to, is an archaeologist.
I look at it as the first step of planning the next examination.
Maltin: Then, while we were at it, we did have space in the Classic Guide, we said, "We should probably add some stuff." We added 1,100 more reviews.
Taking off the pieces that are the most pain for you and then looking at it. Take e-mail archiving for example.