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a reception held in your own home

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on the home team's field

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Of 5,100 home-care patients enrolled in the summer survey, 16% (793) were reported to have infections; 8% (63) of these infections were reported as being acquired at home, 16% (127) as hospital acquired, 35% (278) as unknown source, and 41% (325) as community acquired.
And I realized I'd actually save time if I made pizza at home, instead of driving to the local pizza parlor to pick up my carry-out order.
Similarly, use of the home for the employee's convenience or because the employee can get more work done at home also will not suffice.
Setting up shop at home is not as difficult as you may think.
Given the continuous assistance that many persons with disabilities require, services provided by a live-in attendant would help maintain these persons at home.
She called on the NSC to lead the drive to improve home safety in the same manner that it had reformed industrial safety, making three specific recommendations as a way to reach that goal: that corporations provide mothers' pensions so they could stay at home to guard their children; that construction companies build improved housing, with children's safety in mind; and that schools add safety education to domestic science classes.
It has always been the same thing-and that is the client's desire to stay at home.
Among other services, they provide skilled nursing and supportive care to older individuals who do not need the intensive medical care provided by hospitals, but for whom receiving such care at home is no longer feasible.
If you're a graphic artist, for example, you might work at home but also spend time meeting clients.
The Court further held that individuals should compare the amount of time spent at home with time spent at other places where business activities occur.
Employees who maintained an office at home in connection with their duties as an employee.
With vacation homes, visitors can enjoy a home where the entire group has their own place complete with amenities that truly make you feel at home.
Advocates claimed that thousands of Americans are forced into licensed care facilities and hospitals by lack of their family's ability to pay for home care aides, With the creation of a new federal benefit forborne care, more elderly spouses and other family members would, in theory, be willing and able to keep disabled patients living at home or in the community.
3) Now, consultants, caterers, musicians and others who work at home because their businesses offer less than adequate office space must reassess their decisions to take home office deductions.