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close in space

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close in time

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Holding your hands open makes you an open person who's an authority on the subject, um, at hand.
The joint solution will help eliminate errors with medication administration in healthcare institutions from the pharmacy to the point of care," said Dave Stewart, director of healthcare at Hand Held Products.
And, with Home Depot's donation, our volunteers will have additional resources to help them complete the important tasks at hand that benefit the Bay Area community.
Excalibur's RetrievalWare(TM) enables At Hand users to find the information they need through enhanced listings of products and merchants, editorial content from leading publishers, and localized advertising.
Pacific Bell At Hand integrates RetrievalWare with an Oracle relational database and a state-of-the-art Java interface, to create a service which does more than index information: it provides all the means necessary for people to get the precise, useful information they need.