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the gun muzzle's direction


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Meanwhile, Hammed Ulfat, a resident of Rawat, lodged a complaint with the local police that four armed persons intercepted him on main Rawat road, held him hostage at gunpoint and deprived him of Rs0.
CCTV still issued by West Midlands Police of men smashing their way into a woman's home shortly before she was robbed at gunpoint
Two other fast-food restau rants in Eugene have been held up at gunpoint in the past month, a Subway outlet and a Big Town Hero sandwich shop.
On July 19, the girl was on her way to school when the five accused forcefully took her to a house in Jharoda where they gang- raped her at gunpoint.
The Sharjah Police have arrested a wanted man in the GCC, who allegedly conducted several robberies at gunpoint.
Robbers held guards, bank staffers and customers hostage at gunpoint before getting away with cash.
It came after officers were called to reports of a taxi driver being threatened at gunpoint.
On May 22, 11 Lebanese returning by land from a religious trip to Iran, were taken as hostages at gunpoint in the north of Syria.
Danniella, who had just quit as Sam Mitchell in the BBC1 soap, was frogmarched from her luxury flat at gunpoint as her drug addiction raged out of control.
The day after the head of Benghazi's criminal investigations department was kidnapped at gunpoint a security official who worked for Muammar Gaddafi regime killed in Benghazi.
The acting head of the criminal investigations department in Libya's second city Benghazi has been kidnapped at gunpoint (AFP/File)
The women were cut off and forced at gunpoint by two men to leave the vehicle with its engine running.
He entered the Travelex outlet at around 8am, threatened an Indian salesman at gunpoint, forced him to open the cash drawer and hand over the cash.
They kidnapped the trader at gunpoint and left his family in the car.
A KENYAN man charged in court yesterday in connection with a deadly attack on a British couple told officials that a gang abducted him at gunpoint and forced him to be their guide.