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At first glance, the large-format landscapes and cityscapes the two artists have been making for the past fifteen years in and around their native Belgium recall seventeenth-century Dutch paintings with their panoramic views, low horizons, and cold light, not to mention a strangely varnishlike cast to the colors.
At first glance, MyStrength seems like any other social awareness program targeting high school students: It has a catchy slogan--My strength is not for hurting--and a flashy Web site, and it is backed by the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault and funded by the California Department of Health Services and other agencies.
The techniques may seem deceptively simple at first glance, yet have been tested and proven to promote good parenting skills and quality family time.
At first glance, from the sexy image on the cover and the title, Groove may appear all too predictable.
At first glance, Lorde is writing a conventional "coming-of-age" narrative, a fictionalized account of a journey she took with her family after graduating from the eighth grade.
AT FIRST GLANCE, THE robot looks like a cross between a high-tech toy truck and some kind of space invader.
Overall absorption tells a different story at first glance.
At first glance, the present hardback edition appears to be much the same book in American translation-except that the final paragraph is pasted inside the back cover.
At first glance, the numbers appear to support those claims: This year, 70 percent of the University of Texas freshman class was admitted under the top 10 percent rule.
At first glance, EDC might consider the cost of powering their data storage solution to be relatively minor, and might even resolve fallaciously that they can afford a virtual farm of data storage solutions.
At first glance it looked hopeful--Makarova's first Beauty has many stunning attributes.
Although at first glance technical writers appear to be the audience, drilling deeper into the book one finds tips and tactics that all managers, regardless of specialization, can use.
At first glance this booklet seems overly technical and intended for ethnomusicologists and/or specialists in the field.
At first glance, the world in which these conversations first took place no longer exists.
With rustic cabins, sailboats bobbing in the mist and brilliant sunsets over sandy beaches, the University of Michigan Biological Station looks, at first glance, like a sleepy summer camp.