at first blush

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as a first impression

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At first blush, 4 percent appears to be an insignificant number.
At first blush, Disneyland's diamond jubilee plans seem little more than an elaborate version of the park displays that we've come to expect at Halloween and Christmas.
At first blush, Donald Gutstein's Harperism seems built to this formula: the obligatory fish-eyed cover photo; chapter titles that read like a to-do list ("Counter the environmental threat to the market," "Undermine scientific knowledge," "Deny income inequality," and so on).
"His relief from his post, while at first blush seemingly laudable, may actually be diverting the need for sincere attention and pinning ultimate responsibility from the reported sweetheart deals by PNP superiors and mercenary politicians with these high-maintenance celebrity detainees," CPP power couple Benito and Wilma Tiamzon said in a statement.
That appears to be standard operational procedure aboard "Space Station 76," an Intergalactlc deadpan farce that suggests a daft mashup of "The Ice Storm" and "Space: 1999." With the aid of ensemble players who maintain admirably straight faces amid the absurdity, director Jack Plotnlck gets an Impressive amount of mileage from a concept--characters In a futuristic sci-fi setting evince 70s angst and attitudes--that might seem at first blush barely adequate to sustain a "Saturday Night Live" sketch.
At first blush it's hard to reconcile this concern with the recent stellar performance of our major banks.'
"At first blush, it may seem reasonable that a private business should be able to refuse service to anyone it chooses," Spencer wrote.
The novel opens with what at first blush appear to be a simple home invasion, but it quickly appears that there is more to it than that: The home in question is Lena and Jared's, and the outcome is horrific: Two of the intruders are killed, Jared nearly so.
So it is a matter of life and death, a bit" Sir Ian McKellen "Sometimes you do need a kick up the bum, and I think I did"Sports presenter Clare Balding, whose mother told her she was putting on too much weight "At first blush this is dystopian science fiction, unworthy of a democracy like ours.
''At first blush (the stimulus) looks positive,'' said Kate Warne, an investment strategist at Edward Jones, a financial advisor.
Although at first blush these features seem to suggest that Bunostegos was an evolutionarily advanced pareiasaur, it also had many primitive characteristics.
It is interesting to note that while the interaction between the deer and bears seems relaxed at first blush, the posture of both the buck and sow indicate they are on alert.
And its engineering team used computer-aided design software to design them, a job harder than it might look at first blush.
At first blush, Marina and the Diamonds' sophomore effort seems to be taking the Welsh ingenue in a new musical direction, but under the snappy beats and synthesizers Electra Heart has the same blazingly confrontational soul--just in a more polished pop package.
The story seemed implausible at first blush, according to an assistant prosecutor who tried the case, because the SUV was equipped with an anti-theft device that makes "stealing the vehicle virtually impossible."