at first blush

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as a first impression

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It is interesting to note that while the interaction between the deer and bears seems relaxed at first blush, the posture of both the buck and sow indicate they are on alert.
And its engineering team used computer-aided design software to design them, a job harder than it might look at first blush.
At first blush, Marina and the Diamonds' sophomore effort seems to be taking the Welsh ingenue in a new musical direction, but under the snappy beats and synthesizers Electra Heart has the same blazingly confrontational soul--just in a more polished pop package.
The story seemed implausible at first blush, according to an assistant prosecutor who tried the case, because the SUV was equipped with an anti-theft device that makes "stealing the vehicle virtually impossible.
At first blush, CNOOC's billion bid for Nexen seemed like a sign that China is ready to go on a buying spree in Canada's oil patch.
Editor replies: At first blush many of the items in The Other Six Days column seem in poor taste.
At first blush, the exponents of Islamic finance certainly have a bullet-proof argument-that the reckless risk-taking and bad decisions that tipped global banking into meltdown could not happen under the wise leadership of the Shariah sector.
Those who have admired Buffet's support for the estate tax and opposition to the unfairness of the payroll tax, both of which are against his own self-interest, are puzzled by his unqualified defense of Goldman and Moody's, which at first blush seems to be motivated by a desire to protect his own pocketbook.
AT first blush, the thought of selling off the naming rights for the Los Angeles Police Department's new, $437 million headquarters seems gaudy, even unseemly.
At first blush, it might seem odd to look for guidance on the subject of cost shifting for nonparties (and especially cost shifting of attorney time) in Zubulake.
At first blush, the rules concerning fringe benefits seem straightforward.
At first blush, it seems hard to explain Lott's performance.
At first blush, Nedko Solakov seemed to be letting down his guard.
At first blush, it appeared like a brilliant new solution to the injustices of the human condition, a clever scheme for reordering of the world, one that might even eliminate the need for Christianity.
In my opinion, at first blush the Extell proposal falls short on each of these essentials, which are the basis of my support for Forest City Ratner's plan.