at first blush

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as a first impression

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One could quarrel with the sometimes-antiquated colloquialisms here, which at first blush appear to be more a product of the translation than Kertesz's pen, but that really would be quibbling.
AT first blush, the thought of selling off the naming rights for the Los Angeles Police Department's new, $437 million headquarters seems gaudy, even unseemly.
At first blush, it might seem odd to look for guidance on the subject of cost shifting for nonparties (and especially cost shifting of attorney time) in Zubulake.
At first blush, the rules concerning fringe benefits seem straightforward.
At first blush, it seems hard to explain Lott's performance.
At first blush, Nedko Solakov seemed to be letting down his guard.
At first blush, it appeared like a brilliant new solution to the injustices of the human condition, a clever scheme for reordering of the world, one that might even eliminate the need for Christianity.
In my opinion, at first blush the Extell proposal falls short on each of these essentials, which are the basis of my support for Forest City Ratner's plan.
At first blush, these requirements may not seem daunting, but they can become sizable responsibilities once a pension plan is put in motion.
Rick White, president of the International Employee Stock Options Coalition, said, "While we continue to believe that FASB's mandatory expensing standard is fundamentally flawed, it appears at first blush that the SEC is trying to address some of the problems with the standard.
And if the civil service is allowing this to happen, then it is an even bigger disgrace than it looks at first blush.
While this may at first blush appear to be nothing more than a semantic argument, it actually illustrates a critical problem with the iSCSI market today.
In its annual survey of 100 of the nation's largest defined-benefit (DB) pension plans, pension consultant Milliman found that the resounding returns of 2003 had clearly helped, but not as much as might appear at first blush.
At first blush seems a bit odd as Thermo has given so much emphasis to instrumentation.