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a contrary aim

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In other words, too much multitasking or too many demands at cross-purposes can and will sabotage one's highest dreams.
It is imperative for the smooth running of the ECP and for holding free and fair elections that the CEC and all ECP members stay on the same wavelength, for if they are at cross-purposes at this crucial juncture in the country's history then Justice Ebrahim's appointment would not make much of a difference.
Many external powers are deeply involved," the former UN chief wrote in an article for The Washington Post, noting "Despite formal unity behind the six-point plan, mutual mistrust has made them work at cross-purposes.
But in the Jews' postmodern state, with diaspora eliminated either via aliyah or the comfortable blend of assimilation and domesticity most American Jews would claim, the Talmud has lost that function, and so an indexa way to make studying Talmud eitherno longer seems at cross-purposes with one aspect of the Talmud's existence.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development, DOT and the Environmental Protection Agency already have combined efforts, working together on grants and seeking ways to minimize federal programs for local governments that work at cross-purposes.
The two leaders' debate on the matter was conducted at cross-purposes.
But these efforts are doomed to fail because they are working at cross-purposes with other activities supported by Gonzales and Villaraigosa--dismantling our southern border.