at bay

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forced to turn and face attackers

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a leading designer of fashion-forward footwear for women, men and children is set to open a Steve Madden retail store at Bay Street in early December.
Licensees of BayRS technology also benefit from significant development at Bay Networks to enable compatibility with existing proprietary networking schemes.
0 extends the product's open architecture and continues to introduce innovations in DNS and DHCP technology that will meet our customers expectations for increased reliability in IP networks," said Mark Gaudet, manager of the NetID Group at Bay Networks.
By branding our fourth generation cable products as Versalar, we are telling the world that Bay Networks' broadband products are in a key strategic market that is poised for growth and are tightly integrated into all of our data networking solutions," said Chris Grobicki, director of product development for the Broadband Technology Division at Bay Networks.
Bay Networks is tackling the huge demand for dedicated Internet and VPN access at the edge of service provider networks, where existing multi-box solutions have poor density and old technology; and are very expensive to deploy and manage," said Ilan Carmi, vice president and general manager of the Router Platform Division at Bay Networks.