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absence of systole

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Of the four asystolic SCA patients Limon Ambulance Service treated this year, three achieved a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and one survived to discharge.
Without any other cardiac arrhythmias, immediate bradycardia and consequently asystolic arrest was observed.
Ashitey maintained that he saw some activity on the cardiac monitor that "looked like a mixture of asystolic condition, that is a "flat line" indicative of no electrical activity.
Unfortunately, the patient subsequently developed bradycardia, which progressed to asystolic cardiac arrest, and he died in the 3rd hour of admission.
His Holter recording revealed an asystolic pause of 8 seconds, which caused syncope at midnight after getting up from sleep and just following micturition and 6 seconds of asystole during daytime while standing.
And while physostigmine is the standard antidote for overdoses involving pure anticholinergic agents, it is contraindicated in TCA overdoses because of several case reports of asystolic cardiac arrest.
During air transport, she had an asystolic cardiac arrest.
In contrast, pain is typically the precipitant for pale or white spells, in which the child becomes pale, apneic, and asystolic, and may seize.
When emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrived, both children were asystolic.
Three minutes after this event, Jane became asystolic.
Surgical decompression can lead to serious side effects, including massive washout of anaerobic products, severe hypotension and asystolic arrest.
In the early morning hours of October 14, 2000, the patient, although on a ventilator, was found asystolic and unresponsive.
Once a patient enters an asystolic state, where there is no electrical activity in the heart, recovery is rare.