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the omission of conjunctions where they would normally be used

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They may be briefly enumerated: anaphora, asyndeton, Behaghel's law (21), expolitio in the form of epiphoric disiunctio (22), homoeoteleuton, parison (23).
As indicated by Evans (1989), the 796 balance structures include 280 cases of asyndeton, 115 polysyndetons, 95 anaphora, 62 epistrophe, 20 anadiplosis, and 24 parataxis.
123) and Patrick Henry employing asyndeton, the omission of conjunctions for terse effect: "Sir, this is a picture so horrid, so wretched, so dreadful, that I need no longer dwell upon it" (p.
We begin with conjunctive NP-coordination, which in Ayoreo is mostly obtained via asyndeton (10) or--less frequently and subject to semantic restrictions--via a comitative construction based on the verb 'to accompany'.
As she moves into the main argument of the speech, she uses asyndeton to build to a climax: "Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, / Thy head, thy sovereign" (5.
2] 19-29 Figures of Feeling 19 Asyndeton (omission of conjunction) 20-21 Anaphora (repetitions) and diatyposis (vivid descriptions) 22 Hyperbaton (inversions) 23 Polypota (accumulations, variations, climaxes) 24 Plural to Singular 25 Past to Present 26 Transposition of Persons 27 Change in Narrative Point of View * 28-29 Periphrasis (circumlocution) * Fourth Source: Choice of Words (30-38) 30 Introduction to Diction [missing text after 30.
De Certeau combines this trope with asyndeton, which is choosing not to make connections and disregarding the space as a whole.
Rhetorical strategies such as asyndeton, balance, and antithesis fall into this category.
The chiaroscuro of grammatical parataxis and of the narrative asyndeton it subserves together invite us to look elsewhere for light--one which in our finitude we cannot look directly at but whose beams we feel, and which in its aspect as reflected light is traditionally figured by the moon.
3), among which she emphasizes the asyndeton (Subl.
One eventually becomes accustomed to the rhythm of this concatenation of adjectives and clauses, the alternation of polysyndeton and asyndeton, the surfeit that overflows in every overextended sentence.
I will not deal with coordinations of more than two eonjoint clauses, on the assumption that they can be handled by relatively straightforward extensions of the theory presented here, in combination with a solution for asyndeton.
Is the word "divagation," for example, the most likely or neutral descriptive term to comprehend the syntactical forms of inversion, interpolation, breaking off, addition, and asyndeton that Chapter 3 treats, or does the term, from the outset, anticipate and forecast the match with the "sprawling, episodic, casually organized dramatic structures" (40) of romance?
Barthes continued:</p> <pre> The other reading skips nothing; it weighs, it sticks to the text, it reads, so to speak, with application and transport, grasps at every point in the text the asyndeton which cuts the various languages--and not the anecdote: it is not (logical) extension that captivates it, the winnowing out of truths, but the layering of significance; as in the children's game of topping hands, the excitement comes not from a progressive haste but from a kind of vertical din (the verticality of language and of its destruction); it is at the moment when each (different) hand skips over the next (and not after the other) that the hole, the gap, is created and carries off the subject of the game--the subject of the text.