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the omission of conjunctions where they would normally be used

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The asyndeton of the Institution Narrative, for example--"Take, eat.
Is the word "divagation," for example, the most likely or neutral descriptive term to comprehend the syntactical forms of inversion, interpolation, breaking off, addition, and asyndeton that Chapter 3 treats, or does the term, from the outset, anticipate and forecast the match with the "sprawling, episodic, casually organized dramatic structures" (40) of romance?
This rhetorical figure, asyndeton, forces the reader to fill in narrative space between successive clauses lacking a "then," "next," or "because, "so that phrases establish their relationships of anteriority through assumption.
Barthes continued:</p> <pre> The other reading skips nothing; it weighs, it sticks to the text, it reads, so to speak, with application and transport, grasps at every point in the text the asyndeton which cuts the various languages--and not the anecdote: it is not (logical) extension that captivates it, the winnowing out of truths, but the layering of significance; as in the children's game of topping hands, the excitement comes not from a progressive haste but from a kind of vertical din (the verticality of language and of its destruction); it is at the moment when each (different) hand skips over the next (and not after the other) that the hole, the gap, is created and carries off the subject of the game--the subject of the text.
Yet in his style of writing Ficino also seems to emulate "in Latin what Plotinus had achieved in his Greek: that is, to approach sublimity in an unadorned and apparently artless way that is nonetheless syntactically and rhetorically challenging, with its frequent asyndeton .
The presentation of the next textual problem is confusing: the problem here is the asyndeton in F: fana caerimonias.
Finally, his culminating sentence is another modeling of proper assurance, incorporating anaphora and asyndeton (a listing of terms, without using connectors).
Its written form is dominated by what Pickstock calls asyndeton (though her use of this venerable and precise rhetorical term is rather loose)--that is, it is dominated by lists and catalogues.
7) It is not ambiguously in asyndeton, as Aristotle says it is,(8) but bound to both.
For example, in one of his fragments, Barthes proposed the following "parlor game": "'Take the words: fragment, circle, Gide, wrestling match, asyndeton, painting, discourse, Zen, intermezzo; make up a discourse which can link them together.
Superbus is in awkward asyndeton if it refers only to the Saracens.
Taken by itself, this dangling sentence is meaningless, but related syntactically and thematically, it shows how James's late style makes his "poetry of travel" a real poem now in its actual structure, exhibiting here in a highly condensed form a fine example of asyndeton or parataxis.
For some grand style sentences, brevitas often invites Classical asyndeton (a signifying "without"; syndeton, connection).