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lacking conjunctions

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As could be expected, we observed a considerable number of asyndetic clause pairs in the Otomi corpus.
There is also an asyndetic sequence of to + infinitive and the absence of the same structure in some lines, as we have explained before.
The syntax, anaphoric and asyndetic, is even more deliberate than Ovid's.
There are three types of scalar coordinate reduplication in Estonian: a) non-reduced asyndetic reduplication: pikk-pikk 'long-long', vaga-vaga pikk 'very-very long';
Thus, they abound in verbs of motion, asyndetic chains of verbs, descriptive imperatives, and other devices, which often render the style dynamic and staccato--all stylistic devices which according to Roni Henkin ("Narrative styles of Negev Bedouin men and women", Oriente Moderno 1/2000: 59-81; EALL III: 368, 2008), are typical of men's narratives in the Negev.
The language is worth noting: sukizomenwn and sukwqenta occur only here; (34) and the asyndetic xhrwn, diyalewn, Kuproqen ercomenwn, with their hard consonants, emphasise the unappetising nature of the figs.
I was immediately bemused by it, for it's really quite opaqume, the pieces composed of radically asyndetic phrasinges, totally devoid of normative syntax, a kind of sprung rhythm where conjunctions, coordinating and subordinating, have been as if liposuctioned from the text, the whole devoid of any other kind of logickal linguistick sequence or quasi-figural representation that might please your average worker at the punch pressum.
They suggest that Wordsworth's "modes of poetic presentation" in the London tour in some respects "anticipate techniques that are rated as major innovations of early twentieth-century urban poetry with its loss of faith in traditional syntax and its preference for isolated phrases and asyndetic sequences of fleeting images and perceptions.
In the Galician novel, as with La Voluntad, short, simple phrasing characterized by asyndetic juxtaposition predominates.
For Johns, art offers no refuge from life and time passing, which he defines by an asyndetic joining of form and dissolution (or infinity).
Thus, it blocks a sequential reading ("perfective viewpoint" according to Smith [1997]) in syndetic and asyndetic paratactical constructions where such a reading would otherwise be preferred due to the inherent aspectual properties ("aktionsart") of the modified VPs: (19) and (24) (25).
First, come three asyndetic, parallel, progressive clauses; next are three polysyndetically linked metaphors, with conjunctions to prolong and thus press the point: "But he who does not believe the Word insults God, makes him unholy, mocks his word, and is the swine who tramples the pearl under foot [Matthew 7:6] and the dog who barks against the divine Word and falls on the messengers with his teeth" (Sider, 12; italics added).
While the syntax is bald, telegraphic, and asyndetic, the vocabulary is recondite, and poetic.
The sensitive readings of the `Lucy Poems' with which he concludes the first chapter counteract critics' demystification of them by revealing their rich ambiguity and by demonstrating how the asyndetic suggestiveness of `A slumber', for example, encourages this interpretative creativity.
It is difficult to avoid the fact that it is for the most part an asyndetic series of names, many of which appear in no other context and some of which, indeed, are suspiciously generic.