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the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times

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Could asynchrony in activity between the sexes cause intersexual social segregation in ruminants?
Plasma cell asynchrony in myeloma: correlation of light and electron microscopy.
Researchers, advocates, and clinicians have been concerned about gifted students being the victims of bullying due to differences such as advanced cognitive abilities, sensitivities, intensities, and developmental asynchrony (Peterson & Ray, 2006a).
In fact, readers also experience asynchrony through the echoes of and allusions to other adventures that have already occurred in the text and in the lives of Don Quijote and Sancho.
Elevated progesterone level has been implicated in accelerating the endometrial maturation leading to asynchrony between the endometrium and the developing embryo.
Asynchrony Labs has core expertise in custom software for systems integration, sensor integration, and application development.
As a part of World Wide Technology, the newly named Asynchrony Labs now offers enterprises a single provider that understands both the infrastructure and application side of technology initiatives; and the needs and concerns of both IT departments and lines of business.
As a result, patient-ventilator asynchrony, defined as a mismatch between patient's inspiratory time and the ventilator insufflation time, may occur in nearly 25 per cent of intubated patients.
Academically underachieving and achieving adolescent girls: Quantitative and qualitative differences in self-efficacy, planning, and developmental asynchrony (Unpublished doctoral dissertation).
Other studies in animals have linked aging to disruption of circadian rhythms, and Andersen said that accelerated aging could be caused by asynchrony in the metabolism and cell proliferation cycles in stem cells.
Javier Belda, Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Valencia, Spain, commented To ensure optimum respiratory care and a reduction in asynchrony, ventilators must be safe, effective, easy to apply and adapt to a patients changing condition.
Results from the present study reinforce that cooling storage may bring some advantages for the artificial reproduction in fish, allowing reduction costs with broodstock maintenance as well as minimizing the inconvenience of reproductive asynchrony between males and females during the breeding season.
The asynchrony also helps us escape from ruts where the task accuracy does not improve much .
Their topics include situating rhetoric in cultural discourses, loci of intercultural communications asynchrony in a CBS 60 Minutes news segment, a cultural way of talking in a Jewish community, and optimal forms of communicative conduct in Britain.