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(digital communication) pertaining to a transmission technique that does not require a common clock between the communicating devices


not synchronous

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Optimizing resource utilization means the systems team needs to see what is happening inside their globally distributed, asynchronously running multi-cluster HPC environment in real-time--a non-trivial data collection and visualization task by itself.
He explains how to download assets asynchronously, and shows how to create hybrid applications that mix Silverlight content with HTML or Flash content.
This notification procedure is initiated by the SNMP asynchronously, thereby making such units integrated parts of an efficient device-management protocol.
The shared Blog allowed the students to write their reflections carefully and share them asynchronously online.
Administrators can define file sets to be asynchronously replicated either locally or remotely across an IP network of virtualization switches.
We've got over 800 offices worldwide, and now we can operate asynchronously.
Method Scheduler for Java (MS4J) allows developers to execute methods on Java objects asynchronously and repeatedly to keep the data cache fresh and reduce response times and enhance the stability of a Website.
But I almost never use it because with computer-based communication I can work asynchronously as opposed to synchronously.
The new software features event-driven I/O architecture that permits multiple inspection tasks to be executed asynchronously, making it feasible to inspect a variety of parts and assemblies in random order and in any lot size.
PV 7 features event-driven I/O architecture that permits multiple quality-assurance inspection events to be executed asynchronously, making it feasible to inspect varieties of parts and assemblies in random order and in any lot size.
variegatus spawns asynchronously in small spawning events over a period of months.
6,449,622, for its innovative and unique system and methods for synchronizing multiple data sets in a non-first in, first out, or asynchronously connected communication environment, and 6,401,104, covering synchronization of multiple data sets and multiple synchronization engines.
In addition, even if the amount of budget data and code is somewhat sizable, the data transfer is being done asynchronously on the email backbone (i.
Yet, these technologies can also be used asynchronously -- unlike the telephone or face-to-face conversations, which were previously the principal means for clinicians to get follow-up radiological information.
It will beta this quarter and can be configured to operate synchronously or asynchronously.
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