asynchronous operation

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operations that occur without a regular or predictable time relation to other events

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There are three different general implementations of controller-based remote copy: synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous operation.
Another level of flexibility is the ability to support clock forwarding and asynchronous operation.
Ian Robertson CEO of Solstice reports: "Our existing line of USB High Speed Asynchronous duplicators (1 to 3, 1 to 7, 1 to 11, & 1 to 15) have been extremely popular due to their acceptance of the widest array of USB connected devices, true asynchronous operation, secure erase and many other easy to use features.
In addition, the PCI 6466 features a footprint 25 percent smaller than any other 64-bit PCI bridge, asynchronous operation that allows support of legacy devices, and non-transparent bridging enabling the support of multiple hosts.
Asynchronous operation enables protocol and data rate agnostic transmission without the need for an external reference clock.
3V supply for MSA alarm compliance and allows simultaneous and asynchronous operation of the data receive and transmit paths.
It also supports asynchronous operation between the primary and secondary interfaces, and it includes an I20 message unit for communications between Blade Runner 500 and the system controller.
2, adding support for bi-directional compression and asynchronous operation to an already rich set of ViaXML features.
5 Gbps per channel, total data rate up to 120 Gbps - 48 electrical / optical data channels - Transmission distance 300m - Asynchronous operation - Differential Current Mode Logic (CML) I/O - LVTTL I/O control signals - Digitally variable laser driver amplifier bias and modulation current - Built in test - Transmitter: 850 nm VCSEL array - Receiver: PIN diode array - Fiber: 62.
The 44-pin design features a full duplex software programmable USART with its own flexible baud rate generator, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous operation.
CAMELIA 8M and CAMELIA COLOR 8M systems are fully controlled through an RS232 serial port and feature either continuous grab or asynchronous operation (frame on request) triggered by an external event and/or in full synchronization with flash, shutter and filter wheel, if used.
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