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(digital communication) pertaining to a transmission technique that does not require a common clock between the communicating devices


not synchronous

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Journal of Asynchronous Learning Environments 6(1): 21-40.
Blackboard and WebCT, for example, allow students to download course materials, exchange documents, submit and receive assignments, and communicate with each other and the instructor in synchronous and asynchronous mode.
ACC solves traditional asynchronous methodologies limitations, finally bringing to the designer community the benefits of asynchronous circuits (ultra-low power, ultra-low voltage, etc.
As the leader in providing asynchronous communication boards with a reputation for compatibility and reliability, we have worked closely with Novell and can provide leading edge performance to this rapidly growing market," said Mike Moroz, president and chief executive officer of Digi International.
3V and 5V asynchronous SRAMS used with mainstream digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers.
Faculty reported more time efficiency in their busy fall semesters, since the program was asynchronous and student complaints were significantly reduced.
The NetWare Access Server by Microdyne includes everything needed to provide complete remote network communications -386/33MHz processor, communications adapters, asynchronous modems and pre- packaged, pre-configured NetWare Access Server software.
Asynchronous replication can be an integral part of an overall disaster recovery solution that needs to solve the "widespread disaster" problem.
Davis & Thiede (2000, as cited in Sengupta, 2001) also suggested that "participation on asynchronous bulletin board developed discourse-related awareness as well as syntactic ability to abide by the social norms.
The development of telecommunications since has done two things: a) it has extended teal-time beyond physical presence via voice, video, and, more recently, text e-chat; and b) it has brought asynchronous communications into smaller time frames of minutes and hours.
html) uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, by permitting working executives to travel to different continents for two-week sessions each semester and then to complete the remaining coursework via the Web.
Librarians tend to conceptualize and understand computer networks as a technology for more efficiently and effectively disseminating and archiving asynchronous scholarly communication.
These techniques represent the limits of a broad spectrum that encompasses the two general categories of distance education: asynchronous and synchronous.
NASDAQ:CY) today introduced 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit and 32-Mbit MoBL([R]) (More Battery Life) Asynchronous SRAMs with 32-bit bus widths.
The proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Asynchronous Systems and Circuits are contained in this volume, with 21 papers presented to engineers and practitioners who work with on-chip networks, low-power design and circuit and system synthesis.