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(digital communication) pertaining to a transmission technique that does not require a common clock between the communicating devices


not synchronous

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One article by Bonk and Zhang (2006) gave pedagogical knowledge of both synchronous and asynchronous learning, in which they discuss about online methods of instruction and how learners can adjust their thoughts for online instruction.
1) is composed of the following: 1-central unit; 2-monitor; 3-static frequency converter; 4-three-phase asynchronous motor; 5-single-phase synchronous generator; 6-digital tachymeter; 7-control panel; 8-web camera; 9-measuring instruments; 10-load resistor.
One of the findings of the work of Schrire (2002) was to illustrate that the typical pattern of Initiation-Response-Reaction, so frequent in face-to-face interaction, is not the norm in asynchronous contexts, and that when it does occur, the third exchange is more probably between students than between students and teacher.
Therefore, synchronous motors, compared to asynchronous motors, have greater power density.
Asynchronous communication is a crucial element of web services.
The development of telecommunications since has done two things: a) it has extended teal-time beyond physical presence via voice, video, and, more recently, text e-chat; and b) it has brought asynchronous communications into smaller time frames of minutes and hours.
The AICPA uses asynchronous learning to offer its members online courses.
Libraries, like all structures of recorded information, exist to enable and facilitate the asynchronous transfer of information between two or more human beings.
Audio- and videotapes represent simple and affordable options for asynchronous education.
These low-power asynchronous SRAMs are available in a RoHS-compliant 119-BGA package with a footprint of 14.
Asynchronous online courses allow students to work and meet at separate times at their convenience anywhere they have Internet access through the use of online testing, assignments, discussion boards, and email.
Storage administrators must choose to implement asynchronous or synchronous mirroring as tradeoffs exist for each case and all increase the total storage requirements for the backup and recovery application.
Java creator James Gosling's remarks to the NIST group examining the requirements for real-time extensions to Java (CI No 3,545) prompted more than one member of the group, including Mitre Corp's Douglas Jensen to respond to Gosling's thoughts on the use of asynchronous events.
Nasdaq:CY) today introduced 32-Mbit and 64-Mbit fast asynchronous SRAMs, the industry's first such devices.