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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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We wish to push these limits beyond the state-of-the-art and investigate the non-linear, dynamical behaviour and stability of BHs in asymptotically AdS and higher dimensional spacetimes, thus opening up an entirely new window to gain insight into the mechanisms that make our world tick.
It can be shown that asymptotically, L follows also a lognormal distribution; the respective parameter value u can be obtained as the ratio of the mathematical expectation and variance of ln max([l.
Asymptotically, for r [much greater than] [theta], the resulting equation for R(r) has the solution
The infiltration as a function of time has to asymptotically go to zero and that is when there are no temperature or humidity gradients between the inside cooler and outside air.
0], [eta])[intersection][OMEGA], solutions of equation (3) are said to be uniformly locally attractive (or equivalently that solutions of (3) are locally asymptotically stable).
Hodgson then embraces a Tarskian view of truth (20) though modified to accommodate the revisable nature of truth as reflected in changing meanings and beliefs that nonetheless asymptotically approach representing the world in actual fact (22-24).
are called asymptotically equivalent when each solution [x.
One feature of the limit shape is the formation of so-called frozen regions; these are the regions where asymptotically with high probability only a single type of lozenges is observed.
The effect of the variability of the coefficient in the subdomain with a Neumann condition asymptotically vanishes.
Beethoven can in a flash display the naked glory of the sublime in the Hammerklavier Sonata without any need to tame tone, while Ray tries to pull back son+image to a certain bourgeois key of expression at all costs as his sensibilities asymptotically approach the noisier ends of bhadralok society.
A mapping T : C [right arrow] C is called asymptotically generalized [PHI]-pseudocontractive with sequence {[[kappa].
We discovered that the large-scale growth dynamics of complex networks and causal networks are asymptotically (at large times) the same, explaining the structural similarity between these networks," the researcher asserted.
Asiedu and Lien, 2011), we use the two-step GMM estimator in all regressions, which is considered asymptotically efficient and robust to all types of heteroskedasticity.
Under the null hypothesis of no contagion, the above testing statistics are asymptotically distributed as [X.