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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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This second analytical task is based on asymptotical results on Stirling numbers [Tem93] (see (7)-(?
In most cases numerical and/or asymptotical methods must be used.
Asymptotical behaviour of roots of infinite Coxeter groups.
The asymptotical stability (Sun & Peng, 2009; Sun & Chen, 2004) and stabilization (Yang & Zhang, 2004; Sun & Chen, 2011) of discrete linear singular large-scale systems has been considered by Lyapunov function method.
636 and free degree of 2 and asymptotical significant level of 0.
Differential equations with "clear" and fuzzy multivalued right-hand side: Asymptotical methods.
9:00 Application of Variational Asymptotical Method for Unit Cell
Among the topics are a rod-explosive technique for testing structural responses induced by x-ray blow-off impulses, the numerical simulation calculation of ship submarine oil spill under a complicated ocean environment, the global solution of a viscoelastic thin rectangular plate equation, a new model for forecasting the location of the next crime, gear crack assessment using correlation dimension, the asymptotical stability analysis of switched descriptor systems, and the influence of power supply current in electrical methods for detecting landfill leakage.
A second-order stationary process X is called asymptotical second-order self-similar (ASOSS) with Hurst parameter H=1-[beta]/2, 0<[beta]<1, if the autocorrelation function satisfies