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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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In this article we study the asymptotic behavior of symmetric functions as the number of variables tends to infinity.
In a very recent study [9], using an asymptotic expansion technique, the asymptotic equations governing unidirectional wave propagation of small-butfinite amplitude long waves in the nonlinear nonlocal elastic medium were derived.
Besides asymptotic group theory and graph theory, the tools of the proposed research come from probability theory, ergodic theory and statistical mechanics.
He details the asymptotic behavior of the statistics and the asymptotic properties of the tests.
And even if you were the only one, according to the Asymptotic Principle, you would still make a difference.
1]} along striction curves of timelike ruled surface M are called asymptotic plane, polar plane and central plane, respectively.
2011), and both report the asymptotic length to be less than 130 mm in each species based on using the von Bertalanffy model to estimated growth parameters.
But, such a continuous sliding-mode controller cannot achieve asymptotic stabilization since a steady state error is present.
the fitting of certain curves that can be reduced to straight lines by transformation of the Y or X variable, fitting a polynomial curve in X which is often a good approximation to a more complex curve, and the asymptotic curve and logistic curve which require more complex procedures.
In a recent paper, Lo (2002) derives the explicit expressions for the statistical distribution of the Sharpe ratio using the standard asymptotic theory under several sets of assumptions for the return-generating process.
This gives a Poincare-type asymptotic expansion, which is usually divergent for fixed values of z.
However in the Earth frame of reference there should be no change in the asymptotic speeds after an earth flyby, assuming the validity of Newtonian gravity, at least in these circumstances.
To prove stability estimates and asymptotic stability for a 2 x 2 system we use the integral representations of the fundamental matrix via asymptotic solutions, the error estimates, and the time scales calculus.
For each of the 15 statements in the questionnaire, an asymptotic Kruskal-Wallis H-test was conducted to determine if the differences among the groups could be considered statistically significant or might be attributed to chance variation.