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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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Eder points out that the predicted rise of artificial intelligence coincides with the asymptote of human population growth.
In each case, some samples whose true age lay well beyond their group asymptote gave 14C ages significantly younger than the asymptotic value.
05), while the Y-intercept at time 0 (a), asymptote of degradation curve (b) and effective rumen degradability (Ed) values of pasture NDF were not affected by YM supplementation.
Adding its mirror curve gc in II for better viewing and named as the Fan Curve, it can be seen both curves approach their asymptotes, designated as x and y.
Year Asymptote Capture rate Inflection point RMSE (a) ([+ or -] SE) ([+ or -] SE) ([+ or -] SE) 2009 1.
1] data asymptote to a rate independent behavior at high shear rates; leading to enhanced fits with the proposed rectangular hyperbola model.
Maureen Shaughnessy's translations have been published by Asymptote and Words Without Borders.
Based on its recent analysis of the cryopreservation industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Asymptote Limited (Asymptote) with the 2014 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership.
With large CO requirements (black lines) estimates of sensitivity reached asymptote sooner (after the second food delivery) than with small (grey lines) CO requirements that reached asymptote after the seventh food delivery.
dp] acts as a vertical asymptote, and the data shown in Figure 8 support this idea.
The fact that neither of these income mobility measures asymptote to a constant value suggests that income mobility may be period specific and hence could change appreciably over different calendar time periods if the paths of income mobility change.
If the plot reached an asymptote, we assumed that the analyses of the diet accounted for nearly all detectable items in the population sampled.
They do not, however, elaborate on this asymptote, nor do they specify where this has been done (which is their reference no.
First, the rise in sBDNF follows a logistic model, which is characterized by a sigmoidal rise that proceeds exponentially from a lower asymptote then decelerates exponentially as BDNF levels reach an upper asymptote.
In dogs, fear starts in the sixth week and escalates most during a pup's seventh week, gradually leveling off, reaching upper asymptote during the 10th week.