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in an asymmetrical manner

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The results of these research works suggests the question of under what circumstances a negotiation party in an asymmetrically powerful position will not use (or at least moderate) the use of their power to extract maximum self-gain.
Diagnostic tonsillectomy is indicated in children with asymmetrically enlarged tonsils associated with constitutional symptoms, cervical lymphadenopathy rapid tonsil enlargement or significant tonsillar asymmetry.
Along with motor behavior, language is one of the most lateralised functions of the human body, the networks of brain areas controlling language are located asymmetrically in the brain's left or right hemisphere.
Given in marriage by her parents, the bride wore a vintage asymmetrically ruched gown in antique white.
The University of Southampton research has revealed Neanderthals in the western region made symmetrical, triangular and heart-shaped handaxes, while during the same time period, in the eastern region, they produced asymmetrically shaped bifacial knives.
The beautifully laid out interior has been well thought through, a number of features such as marvellously clear analogue dials in a well laid out dash, the asymmetrically designed centre console which ensures that all controls are comfortably within reach, plus the multifunctional steering wheel with functional keys in one hand and infotainment on the other.
Setsuko Sahara initially started looking at the effects of deleting Fgf10 in mouse brain, but she quickly realised that the primary function of the growth factor was to regulate the differentiation of radial glia, progenitor cells that divide asymmetrically to produce a pair of unlike daughter cells.
Babystyle has created the must-have accessory of the season: an asymmetrically cut poncho with stylish stripes and threaded fringe; $78.
Dr Rainer Neumann,Visteon's headof lighting development for Europe, said:``The lights are capable of turning asymmetrically, so that on a right hand bend the right hand light begins to swivel before the left one.
The reflective surface within the LEO can also be designed asymmetrically, so that light can be focused in different directions.
Look for opulent shades of aqua and coral in clinging fabrics cut asymmetrically to glimpse tantalising flesh.
Instead of ejecting the gas equally in all directions, the star expels the material asymmetrically, just as the sun does during localized storms.
The prizes also accorded asymmetrically with nationality, and were skewed somewhat oddly, as, apparently, Oliva had wanted.