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Synonyms for asymmetric

not straight, uniform, or symmetrical

Synonyms for asymmetric

characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components


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Etiology of asymmetric molar and canine relationship is multi-factorial and it include presence of impacted or supernumerary teeth, congenitally missing teeth, drifting of teeth in the space which is created due to caries or after premature loss of primary teeth and ectopic tooth eruption.
If a decision is made to pursue an asymmetric school week in Wales, steps need to be taken to ensure that it is done in a way that maximises the potential benefits and minimises the potential risks.
Concluding, it said an asymmetric school week was "not a silver bullet, though it may be an enabler for a host of other outcomes".
Interestingly, in the contemporary world we may find few examples where even a tougher and stronger opponent may resort to asymmetric warfare tactics in order to match a weaker opponent.
The methods and practice of war, or warfare, can be broadly divided into various types based on periods of time (like prehistoric warfare, ancient warfare, modern warfare); by theatre, meaning where it is being fought (land warfare, naval warfare, air warfare); by type of weapons used (submarine warfare, chemical warfare, nuclear warfare); by the peoples involved (Roman warfare, Chinese warfare, Arab warfare) or by tactics used (like guerrilla warfare, siege warfare, asymmetric warfare) (Asprey, 1975; History of Warfare).
The United States has become increasingly conscious of the fact that, despite its tremendous military power, it remains vulnerable in this new threat environment and its associated asymmetric challenges.
Cunadoa and Graciab (2005) found some evidence of asymmetric relations of global oil prices shocks on domestic activities like domestic prices over the period 1975Q1-2002Q2 for some Asian countries (Japan Thailand South Korea and Malaysia Singapore).
Chinese military strategists have for millenniums been fascinated by asymmetric methods of warfare.
In this paper, we theoretically and experimentally analyzed the asymmetric transmission and polarization rotation of bi-layered and discontinuous cross-wire-strips (CWSs).
In the realms of applied mathematics and materials science we find many recent applications of asymmetric metric spaces, for example, in rate-independent models for plasticity [1], shape-memory alloys [2], and models for material failure [3].
The first volume was devoted to honoring the pioneers of asymmetric synthesis, and this one, mostly by younger chemists, bring current developments to the attention of graduate or undergraduate students of advanced organic chemistry.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Ground Force units of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) exercised asymmetric tactics on the second day of their wargames in Eastern Iran on Sunday, spokesman of the drills said.
The aim of this article is to present a case with rhinolithiasis which also has ipsilateral asymmetric adenoid hypertrophy.
One needs merely to wade into the shallow waters of today's deepest debates over American foreign policy to stub one's toe against the notion of asymmetric strategies.
From this point of view, we focus on mathematic description of the non-stationary asymmetric heat conduction in a solid plane that is often occurred process during material processing.