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The Teesside-based property developer is behind a number of big schemes on Teesside, and also is contracted by security firm G4S to provide accommodation for asylum seekers in the region.
The expanded Asylum Seeker VET program is just one of this Governments initiatives helping people into training.
The interior minister explained that the relocation process depended on Latvia's capacity to provide asylum seekers with accommodations and social inclusion.
Owen Chambers Are people forgetting that asylum seekers come from war-torn countries which they would like to stay in, however we are bombing their homes and killing their families.
Middlesbrough topped the list with one asylum seeker per 167 residents, with Glasgow and Rochdale following as numbers two and three in the list.
A Home Office report issued alongside the figures, which were published last week, said that although the number has risen since 2012, it is "considerably below" that for the end of 2003, when there were 80,123 asylum seekers in receipt of Section 95 support.
The majority are being moved into low cost housing in urban areas such as Glasgow, Stoke, Cardiff and of course Middlesbrough, where the ratio is one asylum seeker per 137 people.
Somali asylum seeker Hassan Abukar, 25, shares a house with a red door in Essex Street with two Sudanese men.
This difference in attitude between Australians and Canadians supports previous findings of significant cross-national differences in relation to host-country attitudes toward immigrating groups (Haslam & Pedersen, 2007; Louis, Duck, Terry, & Lalonde, 2010) and highlights the need for conducting further nationally based studies into Australian attitudes toward immigration, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.
They are then taken to Liverpool, which is just one of the cities where the Home Office provides accommodation for asylum seekers.
Asylum seekers in the Australia-run Manus Island detention centre have declared they are ready to donate their organs to Australians when they die.
Jannat Gul an Afghan asylum seeker who came Norway after crossing Greece, said, "he thought that he has escaped from the hell but now he observes that he has entered from one room of hell to another".
However, the asylum seeker/refugee population in Sri Lanka witnessed a dramatic 700 per cent increase during the period 2013-14 and as at 30 June 2014, there are 1562 asylum seekers and 308 refugees.
A Home Office spokesman said: "Our current policy regarding asylum seeker access to employment is lawful and proportionate.
People from Birmingham who participated in the study were unable to define what an asylum seeker was and thought workers from EU countries such as France and Poland were asylum seekers.