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Synonyms for astute

Synonyms for astute

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for astute

marked by practical hardheaded intelligence


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6) The recent post-Crash (that is, post-September 2008) return to Keynes has prompted as well a return to some important aspects of Malthus, who as Keynes recognized (and Steinberg reminds us) was among the earliest and astutest critics of Ricardo's theory that demand could never be deficient.
In his notes to his edition of Yeats's Selected Plays, Richard Allen Cave, one of the astutest critics of Yeats's drama, explains the lineaments of Noh drama and how Yeats's Purgatory both conforms to and departs from its conventions:
He would indeed be the astutest British politician since Disraeli.
The astutest succinct story-telling publicly available has to be Rod Alley's account in The Fourth Labour Government: Radical Politics in New Zealand (1987).
Nonetheless Benaud's autobiography remains a happy celebration of the highpoints of the post-war game from an Australian perspective written by one of the cricket's greatest captains and astutest commentators.