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in a shrewd manner

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GrowthGate invested in RSI in 2010 having helped carve out this business entity from its parent company in Saudi in an astutely crafted financial engineering deal.
Eponymous neat-as-a-pin eatery in the remote west Georgian town of Chokhatauri, unfailingly open for business but alarmingly deserted save for its weary skeleton staff, serves as a deliberately unsubtle yet astutely precise metaphor for economic doldrums, an ineffective political process and the pitfalls of interior decorating.
She astutely followed with Dance Or Die from debut album, The ArchAndroid, hidden in a grim reaper cloak with two other cloaked dancers.
Summary: Rabat - Migration challenges should be handled astutely and far from xenophobic reactions, secretary-general of Morocco's Foreign Ministry Youssef Amrani said on Tuesday.
Luckily for him, his entourage and mega-rich mates astutely do not allow such things to be aired - and even if they were the media hysteria would be less.
A true showman and multi-faceted genius on the guitar, Stephen Dale Petit's set on Tuesday fluctuated from raw distorted blues riffs to moments of gentle tenderness and genuine emotion, astutely demonstrated in the ballad Years Go Passing By - A Song For Cecelia.
Every self-consciously clever line has been polished until it sings, building up an astutely observed portrait of small town social mores.
FACE TO FACE: Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff, (right) with Jennifer Garner as Vanessa Loring and Jason Bateman as Mark Loring in the film Juno: "every self-consciously clever line has been polished until it sings, building up an astutely observed portrait of small town social mores"
Skillfully and accessibly translated into modern English by Father Edmund Hill, Essential Sermons is an astutely chosen selection of the sermons of Augustine of Hippo (354-430), who served as bishop of Hippo in North Africa after his conversion to Christianity.
Brilliantly written sketches based on astutely observed snippets of life, Armstrong and Miller - and their supporting cast - show off fine character-acting skills, from the Second World War RAF fighters and their Jerry Springer "talk to the gun because the cockpit ain't listening" to the dinner party couple who carry on with the risotto even when the guy has chopped his hand off.
Often pausing amid reflections to astutely contemplate the role of everyday objects, from an anvil to a soft black derby to marvelously designed wristwatches, Yes, Master observes the mundane and reveals that the whole of daily life is much more than its seemingly ordinary parts.
The professors astutely note that the death penalty is often used as a club to keep poor and desperate minorities in line in the larger white society.
From the politics of child care in France to the consolidation of the private market model in America, Working Mothers and the Welfare State astutely dissects each implementation, exposing its strengths and weaknesses as well as its implications for future generations of mothers and children.
He sees astutely that the production of teddy bears, Raggedy Ann dolls, and other cuddly stuffed creatures was a twentieth-century way of comforting babes left to sleep alone in their own room as they had never been before.