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the branch of astronomy concerned with the physical and chemical properties of celestial bodies

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Substantial experimental material accumulated by biologists studying rhythms close to geophysical constitutes observations of the hands of astrophysical clock, which sets rhythms for biological processes.
More importantly it does so in the extreme parameter regime that is relevant to astrophysical bodies.
Studying astrophysics with laboratory experiments can help answer questions about astrophysical objects that are far beyond the reach of direct measurements.
The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory controls Chandra's science and flight operations.
The professors' article, titled $105/GFLOP Astrophysical N-Body Simulation with a Reconfigurable Add-in Card and a Hierarchical Tree Algorithm, is available here http://www.
com)-- "The Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics," published by Dimiter Bayramov, will provide one stop access to theoretical and applied physics articles covering new research in the Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity.
Contract notice: Delivery cloud server for astrophysical data archives.
It is precisely this close relationship between fusion plasma physics and astrophysical phenomena that provided the motivation for the workshop and report.
The discovery is reported in a paper published online in the Astrophysical Journal.
The opener is another one of those Goodwood handicaps that are all about luck and position, so I'd much rather get stuck into Astrophysical Jet in the King George Stakes instead.
According to the astrophysical scientists the solution for Einstein's static vacuum gravitational field must satisfy the following conditions [1-11]:
Another team, led by Kevin Luhman of Penn State University in State College and using NASA'S orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope, describes its study of HD 3651 in an upcoming Astrophysical Journal.
With the application of modern science, Chaos And Harmony inspects the philosophical and theological implications of astrological and astrophysical breakthroughs and past perceptions.
Particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas; geospace and beyond.
Astrophysical observations of unparalleled sensitivity have been made possible with this invention.