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The event was inaugurated by Professor Humaid Al Nuaimi, Director of the University of Sharjah and President of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space, who was accompanied by several representatives of the Sharjah Museums Department.
Altyn Tuiyun is one of the few remaining institutions involved in astronomy education in our country," the President said.
Not only is it a part of the Square Kilometre Array project, but its consistent commitment to develop astronomy capacity nationally serves as an example to other countries in the region.
Prof Chetty is currently a Professor of Physics at the University of Pretoria and has been seconded on a part-time basis to the NRF as Group Executive for Astronomy since 2011 (see MNASSA 70, pp125-6, 2011).
Dr al-Sulaiti said Qur'an and Astronomy was a wide topic and that the Holy Qur'an described astronomy in many verses.
Al Hariri said the project is ready to be handed over to the astronomy group as the first phase contractors, which is also tasked to do a feasibility study on the technical requirements of the project.
The project will be handed over to the astronomy group as contractors for the first phase do a technical feasibility study, Hassan Al Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, was quoted as saying by Gulf News in a report.
The society was founded by the late Sir Patrick Moore exactly 60 years ago as a forum for beginners, to make astronomy more accessible to the general public.
In my formative years of astronomy Patrick was of great assistance offering advice and support.
Discussion of the development of astronomy among Muslim scholars means the development of astronomy among scholars in the Islamic civilization.
The event marks the start of Astronomy Ireland's new summer school, a fourweek course in beginners' astronomy.
The constituent congress will be held next June 28-30 in Tunis under the motto "Five United Nations: A Celestial Union" and provide the opportunity to encourage the exchange in matters of astronomy and space techniques.
The conference will discuss several topics including astronomy projects and technology, space observatories, new methods to study and document Arab astronomy heritage, besides monitoring the Earth from outer space, he stated.
The conference, hosted by the Omani Astronomical Society, comes under the theme" The Role of Astronomy and Space Sciences in Developing Contemporary Societies".
This text for a general education science course covers not only the content of astronomy but also the process of arriving at that knowledge using the scientific method.
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