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The Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) is on a mission to build the next generation of Emirati astronauts and professionals in space science by training teachers on all things astronomy.
Students are slowly eased into the field during the first semester of their first year, with subjects like Introduction of Astronomy. After getting acquainted with the basics, the more complex subjects--such as Mechanic, Wave and Heat, and Electric Magnetism, and Optic--follow.
There was also an astronomical cultural competition for the children and prizes were distributed to the winners to encourage them to love astronomy.
Sighting of the Ramadan crescent can be achieved through three methods: Telescopes and binoculars, astronomy, or the naked eye.
College principal Umar Gul Khan said the science and technology ministry had moved its mobile unit to the campus to help the students of different schools learn about science and astronomy.
"During the run of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20, 1969.
Arranged under Dhanani School of Science and Engineering Habib University's public lecture series will comprise presentations by astronomy experts from different domains focusing on individual aspects of one shared heritage.
There are number of societies working for the promotion of the astronomy in city including Astrobiology Network of Pakistan (ABNP), a volunteer organization which has been providing vital information, inspiration, and motivation to all for Science education.
Al Ahbabi lauded the Union's efforts to promote Arab and regional development by stimulating the education and advancement of space and astronomy sciences in the Arab world.
Astronomy has been celebrated throughout both festivals since 2015, and is continuing in doing so, through a range of activities, performances and competitions.
Exclusive partnership with Dubai Astronomy Group allows us to give a great experience to our customers further adding to our commitment towards ensuring highest levels of customer centricity and a suite of experiences across every domain.
Paphos Astronomy Club member and astronomy photographer Rob Willdridge will introduce all you star gazers to the process behind capturing the perfect photograph of the night sky.
Typical introductory astronomy textbooks retail for between $100 and $200, and even used copies at bookstores can be pricey.
Summary: Move aims at wooing people to Dubai as a destination for 'astronomy tourism'
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