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Synonyms for astronomical

Synonyms for astronomical

relating or belonging to the science of astronomy


inconceivably large

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So Friday, August 9, will be astronomically the first day of Shawwal and the first day of Eid Al Fitr .
A national water grid would be astronomically expensive and who would pay for it?
His speed at fitting increased phenomenally And his earnings rose absolutely astronomically.
The pharmaceutical industry in the United States is wrought with corruption; medications are astronomically overpriced and with an ever increasing sick population, these costs are bankrupting the American economy.
Sudhir Bhargava, additional secretary, said 'There is a provision that if prices go to astronomically high levels, the government may intervene, but as of now, there are no plans as such to regulate petrol prices.
Bored with banning astronomically fatty foods for 15-year-olds he's now actually trying to persuade 20 teenage academic drop-outs that going back to school is the best thing for them.
Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Astronomy Researcher and Supervisor of Sharjah Planetarium, said the crescent moon of the Holy Month of Ramadan will be astronomically born on Tuesday, August 10, at 7.
SALALAH: The Governorate of Dhofar is gearing up for the forthcoming Khareef Season (monsoon rain season), which astronomically begins on June 21 and lasts till September 22 every year.
As volume began to rise astronomically, the partners began palm pressing with a few wealthy Japanese investor types - and Viola - LaborHub entered a whole new phase of growth.
As might be expected, the topics addressed are diverse, with the 71 contributions examining such subjects as the properties of nearby galaxy structures, the conceptual and cultural history of gravitational lensing, sociology of modern technology, African cosmology, medieval books on locating the Qiblah (the Islamic direction of prayer) astronomically, the astronomy of Maimonides and its Arabic sources, the iconography of the Milky Way, astronomical objects in Brazilian rock art, astronomical and cosmological aspects of Maya architecture and urbanism, first solar and stellar paintings in the Neolithic and Epipaleolithic rock art of Iberia, solar orientations of Bronze Age shrines in Crete, and human cognition in the light of astronomical categories.
Nuclear power is still the slow, dirty, radioactively poisonous and astronomically expensive technology that it always has been through the second half of the twentieth century.
as*tro*nom*i*cal*ly adverb <an astronomically large amount>
Supermarkets are happy to stock cheaper food products from abroad, an average 16,000 workers a year are quitting agriculture to seek work elsewhere and, crucially, the cost of land is rising astronomically.
Don't do it, sit on your hands, this Easter is as early as it can be astronomically speaking, so a couple of weeks' delay won't harm.
Mr Drabu said: "The cost of home tutoring is increasing astronomically, with some tutors charging up to pounds 100 an hour.