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Synonyms for astronomical

Synonyms for astronomical

relating or belonging to the science of astronomy


inconceivably large

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18, 2064 and will fly from a distance of 0.36661 astronomical units or 34 million miles away.
Get an extensive Astronomical Telescope Market analysis of the dominant vendors, their latest products and services, and the competitive landscape of the industry.
According to the astronomical calculations conducted by the Department of Astronomical Affairs at MARA, on Thursday, 29 Dhul Qa'dah 1440 AH, which corresponds to August 1, 2019, the moon will be in the conjunction phase in Muscat at 7.12am and it will descend at 7.17pm, while the sun sets at 6.50pm.
The NAOJ said the hundreds of satellites currently in operation are starting to hinder astronomical observations, such as by reflecting the rays of the sun and when the radio waves.
They consider such topics as Babylonian market prediction, who wrote the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries, the Astronomical Diaries and religion in Seleucid and Parthian Babylon: the case of the prophet of Nanaya, from Babylon to Bahtar: the geography of the Astronomical Diaries, and the relationship between Greco-Macedonian citizens and the Council of Elders during the Arsacid period: new evidence from the Astronomical Diary BM 35269 + 35347 + 35358.
The period from the beginning of the astronomical spring to the beginning of the next astronomical spring is 365,24219 days.
The opening of this club aims at spreading the astronomical awareness among the
PhD student at the National School of Electronics and its applications, Amjed Mouelhi is very involved in the sharing of scientific culture, particularly through the Astronomical Society of Tunisia, that he is a member of the steering committee.
"We placed the statues on the outer balcony corridor at the exit from the machine room of the astronomical clock where visitors can see them," explained Podmanickyacute, as quoted by TASR.The statues figure the Saints whose fates were linked with Slovakia: St.
The sight of the sun falling perpendicular on the palace of template of Amoun Ra' in Luxor - Archive CAIRO -- 20 June 2018: The sun will set from the western gate of the Karnak Temple on June 21, which marks the rare astronomical phenomenon of summer solstice.
JEDDAH: Top scientists of the Kingdom and experts from across the Gulf countries attended the recently concluded Scitech Astronomical Program 2018.
Tribune News Network Doha The month of February this year will not witness full moon phase, a condition astronomers consider a rare astronomical phenomenon as it happened last in February 1999, the Qatar Calendar House (QCH) has said in a statement on Tuesday.
Also, people in Qatar have a good chance to enjoy a "beautiful astronomical view" involving four planets - Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn - with their naked eye and also through astronomical instruments.
Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Astronomical Association on Sunday said that according to astronomical calculations, the first day of Dhu al-Hijjah will be on Monday Sept.