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Synonyms for astronomical

Synonyms for astronomical

relating or belonging to the science of astronomy


inconceivably large

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The moon's copper color during the eclipse is expected to appear more stark as the suspended dust from the volcano's eruption may act as a 'filter,' making the red color appear deeper, said Mario Raymundo, chief of the Pagasa Astronomical Observation and Time Service Unit.
Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena Conference (6th: 2013: New York, United States) Edited by Brian Patrick Abbott
Deputy Director of the Association Abdelaziz Snobar told SANA that the Association isn't responsible for setting the dates of the lunar months of the Hijri calendar in Syria as this is the responsibility of the First Sharia Judge in Damascus, and the Association only provides scientific and astronomical studies to help him make the decision.
The contract is the purchase of 3 pieces of astronomical simulation software installed on workstations.
When one of the astronomical seasons has four full Moons, instead of the normal three, the third full Moon is called a Blue Moon.
The Emirates Mobile Observatory is the first of its kind and one of the latest designs compared to other astronomical telescopes.
Cooperation will be carried out in equipment upgrades, frontier research and historical study in astronomical observation and staff training, said Yan Jun, director of the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, here at the signing ceremony for a memorandum of understanding.
The results presented here also suggest that successful translation of the text found on the Cyprus statues might permit a translation of older text, such as the astronomical text found on circa 30,000 year old artifacts in Africa, Asia and Europe, to be possible," he added.
Astronomical data analysis software and systems XXII; proceedings.
The story noted that it will take 30,000 years for the two Voyager probes to pass through the Oort cloud, a huge sphere of ice chunks that extends as far as 100,000 astronomical units from the sun.
I am secretary of Cardiff Astronomical Society and Steve was at Glamorgan University studying to be an accountant.
Muscat, Sept 22 (ONA) The Omani Astronomical Society pointed out that the Autumn Moderation will take place tomorrow (Monday) September 23rd at 12.
The Infinite Astronomical Society of Pakistan is a sister organisation of the Nature Club of Pakistan and works to motivate young people to explore knowledge through studying astronomy.
Specifically for the cosmological data, the law of selfvariations predicts and justifies: the redshift of distant astronomical objects and Hubble's law, the cosmic microwave background radiation, the large-scale structures of matter in the Universe, the fact that the Universe is flat, the fact that the total energy-content of the Universe is zero, the fact that the very early Universe went through a phase of ionization, the arrow of time in the macrocosm and its breakdown in the microcosm, the fact that the luminosity distances of distant astronomical objects will always be measured larger than the actual distances.
In August, the International Astronomical Union -- which you may remember as the body that (http://www.