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Synonyms for astronomic

relating or belonging to the science of astronomy


inconceivably large

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Our perspective shows the great importance of astronomic forcing over geologic time and the complexity of feedback mechanisms in the climate system.
The Martin Pipe-trained five year -old notched up a winning sequence of seven before running into Astronomic at Haydock, where he went down by 1 3 /4 lengths.
Geometric yet imperfect, astronomic but minimal, the drawing fully extends its limited materials.
The improvement in the quality of play was astronomic.
Thomas Aquinas as faithful to the spirit of the Fathers in their common hostility to the Stagirite whose philosophy is incapable of assimilating recent astronomic, geographic, and ethnographic experience, Campanella trumpets the necessity for a more exact and new philosophy and for radical reform.
for the space agencies of Sweden, Canada, Finland and France, was launched in February 2001 to conduct astronomic and atmospheric research.
But you can also bet it will still be the same old story when it comes to the profits - they will be astronomic.
Nor are the claims of astronomic CEO pay multiples necessarily reliable.
His already astronomic ERA is now out of the universe and is light years away from respectability at 7.
In local currency terms, sales grew at the astronomic rate of 42% last year against an average of 6% for the retail sector.
He noted that one research firm is estimating astronomic growth in Internet-based trade worldwide from 8 billion dollars in 1996 to 327 billion dollars in 2002.
eschews modern commentators and exegetes and interacts instead with astronomic writers of antiquity.
Jan Stocklinski, the director of a Prince Georges County schools program to involve parents, says the increase in volunteerism has been astronomic.
The physics of neutrino mass and its cosmological manifestations, the physical fundamentals of the existence and possibilities of astronomic search for the mirror and shadow matter, unstable massive neutrinos, invisible axions, and the domains of antimatter in the baryon-asymmetric universe, primary black holes, various stable and unstable particles of the hidden mass are just some of the problems of elements of cosmomicrophysical analysis which should be studied when investigating the universe and physical laws determining its origin, structure and evolution.
but they also, despite astronomic interest rates, offer the community a necessary service.