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Synonyms for astronaut

space traveller

Synonyms for astronaut

a person trained to travel in a spacecraft

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From pilots and engineers, to scientists and medical doctors, NASA selects qualified astronaut candidates from a diverse pool of U.
2001: 2 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968) SUPER computer HAL 9000 starts to act strangely as astronauts are sent to investigate a mysterious signal in deep space that might explain the origins of mankind.
To get involved and "Train Like An Astronaut," visit us on Facebook:
We've done many simulations," the BBC quoted Astronaut Liu Wang, as saying.
All countries that have completed manned space missions attached great significance to their respective first female astronaut's maiden space flight, Wu said, citing the former Soviet Union's first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.
Get your application in now for the 2013 astronaut candidate class.
Special lights on top of the helmet help the astronaut see in the dark.
Billy Bob Thornton pursues his lifelong outer-space dream in "The Astronaut Farmer.
Each Bio-Suit will be custom-made: To outfit an astronaut, scientists will use lasers to create a three-dimensional scan of the astronaut's body.
By planting this tree, we want to honor how he and the other astronauts enriched our lives.
Whether you're an astronaut on a deep sea space exploration mission, whether you're a scientist in Antarctica or whether you're a Canadian in a remote rural area, these types of technologies should enable people to deliver state-of-the art surgical care," he asserts.
Seven astronauts died in the Columbia accident and another seven died when the Challenger exploded in 1986.
He's in the Lagwagon, singing and writing songs, but this here Bad Astronaut is not the Lagwagon.
The "Cradle of Naval Aviation" took another step toward the future by becoming a key player in astronaut primary training.
Mukai, Japan's first female astronaut, said in a statement that she is happy to have the opportunity to welcome another female astronaut to the rank.