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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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in has added astrology to its already exhaustive collection of entertainment channels.
Ten to 15 per cent of professional fund managers use astrology as a secondary or confirmation tool to trade the markets,' said Weingarten, who claims to have predicted the 1990 Tokyo stock market crash.
My own interest stems from when I began to study astrology as a hobby at the age of 18.
Astrology en tout was caught up in the ensuing wave of
Astrology Zone Premier features include love advice, vacation tips, and personalized matchmaker, stress and gift guides.
SOURCE Soul Journey Design Astrology & Human Design
This represents a significant upgrading of the status of astrology in today's world.
The project is on how to prevent and cure heart related diseases through astrology," said Shatrughan Tripathi, Professor, Astrology Department, BHU.
Horoscopes and public spheres; essays on the history of astrology.
Combine mystery with astrology and I couldn't wait to set time aside to explore this detailed book on Tibetan Astrology.
Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe.
Quite frankly, I've never found it easy to understand why astrology works - but I know it does.
According to Chinese astrology, the Lunar New Year, which began on January 23, marks the beginning of the year of the Water Dragon.
My latest book Horary Astrology Re-Examined is available from Wessex Astrologer and Amazon.