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Synonyms for astrology

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The array of religions represented in the dunes almost reads like the beginnings of an overworked joke: "a Sufi, an astrologist, and a sun worshipper walk into a dune.
Western astrologists, however, did in fact take this factor into account, (http://abcnews.
The classic quote from John Kenneth Galbraith was that economists' predictions are there primarily to make astrologists look good.
The kings and rulers had astrologists in their courts and they consulted with them.
Astrologists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have made a similar prediction.
The paper quoted astrologists saying that Ramadan is going to
People confuse us with astrologists and that's why they prefer to keep their distance.
Of special note for astrologists is how the author has organized dishes according to houses of the zodiac in the back of the book.
Not only do economists emulate Kondratiev, recently astrologists have also discovered him and we can say that they are using Kondratiev's waves in predicting the future.
However, the scientific community has several theories about which epoch-making events in Bulgaria in 2012 led the ancient astrologists of the Mayans to decide that their calendar has to end on December 21 a a fact that horrified the international community, though not so much the Bulgarian community, which has already witnessed the end of the world several times.
ISLAMABAD -- Opposition leader in NA Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said the burden of prediction made by all astrologists about December, 21 as doomsday fell on Governor Latif Khosa as this day really proved Day of Judgment for him.
Perpetual prankster and author Bernard Radfar goes one better -- actually, ninety better -- in letters and emails written by his fictional character, the wealthy and eccentric Mark Black, to everyone from company presidents to customer service representatives; from artists, astrologists, and airline representatives to tantrists and life coaches; and from ostrich farmers to exorcist trainers.
OPsychologists and astrologists will also study the effects of the eclipse on humans as natural phenomena such as eclipses are known for provoking strong emotional responses while thousands more umbraphiles (eclipse chasers) will line the beaches of the region, including one who will experience his 52nd eclipse.
Furthermore, Al-Ojairi played a role in establishing his teaching a new generation of astrologists and researchers, which boosted the performance of the weather forecast team that works closely with civil aviation.
For astrologists, 108 is the distance from the Moon to the Earth, divided by the diameter of the Moon, and the distance of the Sun from the Earth divided by the diameter of the Sun, in kilometers, and it is 20 times the diameter of the Moon in miles.