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someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and Moon

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John Edward former host of the TV Show "Crossing over with John Edward" has launched "Infinite Quest," a new Web Site touted as visitors' "own personal methaphysical GPS" which gathers astrologists, numerologists and psychics to give information for simple and practical daily use, the website says.
This was the job of the astrologists, a word derived from Greek astrou ("star") and logos ("speech").
The moon would reach Afghanistan at 6:30pm, with people in many areas, including Kabul, able to see it, the astrologist said.
On Friday, the astrologist explained, the moon would lag behind the sun at 9:47am on Friday.
He said that famous astrologist Galileo said that you can not teach a man anything but you can help him and urged the participants to be humble while dealing with public.
But Mirror astrologist Debbie Frank branded the report "ridiculous" and said astrology should not be treated as a science.
And it seems that his amazing success story could have been written in the stars - his mother is an astrologist and his stepfather's job as a drama teacher didn't do his career prospects any harm either.
I started buying your paper when top astrologist Jonathan Cainer came on board and have thoroughly enjoying it ever since.
The girls range from students, teachers, bank clerks and accountants - and even an astrologist.
So with the backing of the Football League the 52-year-old astrologist threw salt, burned incense and tinkled handbells to beat the curse.
I did what I imagine most people in my situation would probably do, I threw myself into my career as a newspaper astrologist and author.
We turn to the stars and strips page where your astrologist, Justin Toper, lists famous people who have their birthday on that day.
The firm claims the secret of dunking is in the stars and consulted an astrologist to speculate on who the planet's most popular partner for a cuppa would be.
French celebrity Ida Daussy, who met her South Korean sweetheart and took Korean citizenship in 1996, got her Korean name Seo Hye-nah from an astrologist.
Astrologist Dr Prateek Mishrapuri helped the foreigners to conduct prayers at Haridwar.