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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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Subsequently, postal authorities have issued a stamp for the astrologically significant animal of each year as either a Thai or Western New Year special issue (International House of Stamps 2003; Somchai 2008).
The rise and of the company's mega soaps directly coincided with this astrologically auspicious time.
During my research for today's column I found a website purely for people who've ever wondered how they might astrologically match up to the celebrity of their dreams.
Catton said that the shape and the form of the book made certain kinds of editorial suggestions both mathematically and astrologically impossible.
A distant relative sits virtually motionless, when his 'Guruji' explains the 'planetary positions' as also their implications astrologically, oblivious of his morning cup of tea getting cold, which he would otherwise drink piping hot.
Since then, whenever the planets align in the same position as in the original battle, pilgrims make their way toward each of these cities to celebrate the Kumbh Mela by bathing, on astrologically determined days, in the exact spot where the holy nectar is believed to have fallen.
The astrologically important celestial phenomena were those that rarely occurred.
A I believe it is astrologically as well as energetically significant.
This is also a lucky time astrologically to have that confrontation you''ve been avoiding as you hold all and not just some of the aces.
Though some may dismiss the news as a rumour, a large majority feel that it is an inevitability given the political circumstances and that the chief minister is waiting for the Tamil month of 'Thai', which starts right after Pongal, before she moves any more pieces on the chess board as it is astrologically perceived to be a good month to effect change.
Astrologically, Guru is represented by Jupiter, the only planet that has the potency to nullify any affliction caused by the other planets.
Astrologically, 2011 is the year for Egyptian actress Ghada Abd Al Riziq as it will open for her many doors that will grant her more popularity and fame.
15 -- The Union Fertilizer Minster and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's son M K Alagiri has astrologically predicted that the DMK will win all the 234 seats in the asselbly elections to be held in 2011 May.
Call now to hear why this is such a creative time astrologically.
He argues, persuasively, that an extraordinary cluster of astrologically propitious signs, that would "have blown the turban off any astrologer", happened in 6 BCE.