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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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Although not addressed in the book, Cragin used her astrological expertise to examine a recent sex scandal, a high-profile celebrity breakup, the leader of the free world and the country's lousy economy.
As if the postage stamp astrological hype were not sufficient, two coins are being offered for sale in the Details news bulletin: a "2011 Lunar Lotus--Year of the Rabbit" sterling silver coin at $98.
The goal I set out in working on this design was to make astrology more approachable, with just the right amount of astrological and planetary movement information.
As per the decision, the department will be in-charge of following up the sighting of the Hijri months, astrological manifestations, supervising the works of the field and sub-committees for moon sighting, as well as maintaining coordination among them with relation to sighting the moons of Ramadhan and the two Eids.
And wait, there's more: "The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Saturn, giving you strong will, discipline and motivation that is activated by challenges.
First, a short classification of the quasi and astrological ideas is introduced.
Judging from what you see in the YouTube clips it does not appear to be a meteor or any astrological phenomenon.
Zodiac Felties: 16 Compelling Astrological Characters to Craft
Fiery Shapes is a doctoral dissertation reworked into book form, so it is scrupulously documented and very cautiously worded, and never makes an unwarranted assertion about its subject, which is the appearance of unusual celestial phenomena such as comets and, in at least one case, the "bright new star" or supernova now known as the Crab Nebula, as well as astrological phenomena in Irish and Welsh medieval and renaissance-era literature.
Washington, June 15 (ANI): Sky gazers across the world will get a rare opportunity to view the century's longest and darkest lunar eclipse on Wednesday, but New York astrologers have warned that the astrological impact will be felt even if the eclipse is not visible.
Sabrina Sforza Galitzia says the genius hid clues in his Last Supper mural, which held a mathematical and astrological puzzle which tells of a "universal flood" starting on March 21, 4006.
LOOK TO THE FUTURE - Find out what the stars have in store for you in 2010 with Frank Pilkington's guide to the astrological year ahead - Sevendays magazine.
STAR gazers last night celebrated an astrological phenomena that rarely coincides with New Year's Eve.