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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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Finally, the discussion in the book regarding the importance of future astrologic signs and how Peter and the early church "tricked people into believing that Catholicism is true Christianity, the word of God" is not necessary and is misleading to the reader.
Mound 1610, the astrologic cosmology suffered a kind of celestial quake, as German astronomer Kepler proved the Copemican heliocentric system to be correct: the Earth and the other planets orbited the sun, which no longer was a planet, but a "fixed star' at the center of its own stellar system.
And their mystical Astrologic Ltd is also eager to pocket your cash.
A spokesman for the magazine - linked to junk mail company Astrologic - denied the rubies were virtually worthless and said the promotion was lawful.
Itatani evokes these places, these curious mixes of the claustrophobic and the infinite, to present a model for some of her ruminations on the human condition Like some astrologic symbology gone expressionist, her charts of the heavens ar peopled with souls as much in the grip of chaos as the universe itself.
39) Too, as a mythological griffin has a lion's body, Fort Griffin may well be the kid's astrologic appropriate "Anaretic Place" out o his birth's association with a Leonid meteor shower.