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an early form of sextant

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The Bayonnaise cast her anchor before Vanikoro some months after the departure of the Astrolabe, but found no new document; but stated that the savages had respected the monument to La Perouse.
The Astrolabe went to its help, and ran aground too.
Instead of looking to scholarly sources, Hill then treats the reader to his own notions about the Antikythera mechanism as an astrolabe, an interpretation discarded long ago.
The Liberian-flagged Rena has been foundering since it ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef, about 14 miles (22km) from Tauranga Harbour last Wednesday.
Smith said oil is haemorrhaging from the ship's punctured hull at "fivefold," the rate it was in the days after Rena's grounding on the Astrolabe Reef, stuff.
A grounded ship, Rena, is still stranded on the Astrolabe Reef as salvage attempts have been halted due to bad weather.
Donovan's Shiva Mandala incorporates a reproduction of a 13th-century Persian astrolabe.
At the courts of Muslim kings and elsewhere, some Islamic works were rendered into Sanskrit, such as Mahendra Suri's Sanskrit manual on the astrolabe or the anonymous Hayata-grantha, and some Sanskrit texts like the Lilavati were translated into Persian.
This was the 7cm-radius, 14th-century Canterbury Astrolabe Quadrant, a sophisticated medieval measuring device used to calculate, among other things, times of sunrise and sunset, geographical latitude and the date on which Easter would fall.
It's really perfectly straightforward if you have an astrolabe.
They included the invention of the zero, algebra and the astrolabe and the discovery of blood circulation.
KNOWN as an astrolabe quadrant, it was used for telling the time and making mathematical and astrological calculations, such as measuring the height of buildings or the depth of a well.
Nine essays discuss various aspects of the history, construction, and use of the astrolabe, and the contents of the collection.
1) On the other, astronomy texts are represented by Chaucer's A treatise on the Astrolabe, edited by the EETS, and an extract from The equatorie of planetis, taken from the Helsinki corpus of English texts (HC).
To celebrate its return to the gallery, the three other paintings have been brought to hang alongside it, together with Holborn's drawings and Henry's personal belongings, including a prayer book and an astrolabe, a 16th Century gadget which allowed him to tell the time at night and day.