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an early form of sextant

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The Bayonnaise cast her anchor before Vanikoro some months after the departure of the Astrolabe, but found no new document; but stated that the savages had respected the monument to La Perouse.
The Astrolabe went to its help, and ran aground too.
Dr Hogendijk is part of a Dutch team from the department of mathematics, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, that travels far and wide to educate people about the historical significance of the astrolabe, its uses and the general history of astronomy in mediaeval Islamic civilisation.
Dutch Professor Dr Jan Hogendijk, astronomy enthusiastic Umair Asim and Retired Air Commodore Khalid Marwat joined hands to tell the stories of astrolabes, astronomy related scientific instruments, at a workshop on astrolabe making at the Ali Institute of Education on Friday.
Replicas of two rare Islamic artefacts will also be unveiled; a copy of the first Quran ever to be compiled as well as a 9th century Qajari Astrolabe.
Every hour, crowds of tourists gather in front of the clock to watch figures of the twelve apostles that appear in two small oriel windows above a sophisticated astrolabe showing the movement of the Moon and the Sun and its entry into the zodiac signs.
One of the most mysterious artefacts retrieved from the site of the shipwreck off Hallaniyah was the world's earliest known marine astrolabe, a navigation tool dating to between 1495 and 1500 which sailors used to read time by gauging the position of the sun and stars.
Also on display is a beautiful astrolabe, made in France in about 1300, the oldest astronomical instrument originating in western Europe.
An astrolabe has a similar basic structure of rotating disks called the mater (base disk), tympan (engraved plate), and rete (engraved framework disk).
The Astrolabe Roadstead commemorates the Frenchman's faithful corvette, the Astrolabe, while Adele Island is named after his wife, and Watering Cove is the site where the ship's casks were replenished.
While Watson is, strictly speaking, correct in noting that you can buy a modern brass astrolabe on eBay or Amazon for about $200 or a plastic one for $75, these are small and often minimally useful.
A motion from Lomellini, and the pilot hands him the astrolabe and disappears down the ladder.
Etta, deeply troubled about the condition of her mother and her beloved violin teacher Alice, and also strongly attracted to handsome Nicholas, vows to find the astrolabe and return to her own time.
Sauvignon Blanc "Kekerengu Coast" Astrolabe 2012 (13%)
Each chapter expands upon true events in countries visited by the sister ships, Boussole and Astrolabe, told from the perspective of the crew, scientists, natives and relatives.