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tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cells


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110) Cases of GBM occurring at the site of a prior traumatic brain injury have raised the hypothesis that a reactive astroglial proliferation in conjunction with inflammatory processes may provide the soil for neoplastic transformation, but epidemiologic data are lacking.
The immediate astroglial cell destruction caused by the expanding hematoma is assumed to be responsible for the rapid GFAP release into the intravasal blood in acute ICH (8).
Spontaneous recovery after ischemia is directly associated with the formation of an astroglial scar (accumulation of these cells in the perinuclear region), which prevents its expansion [32].
AQP4 is expressed in the astroglial cells of kangaroo rat brain (Huang et al.
The detoxification of cumene hydroperoxide by the glutathione system of cultured astroglial cells hinges on hexose availability for the regeneration of NADPH.
Chloroquine induces activation of nuclear factor kappa B and subsequent expression of proinflammatory cytokines by human astroglial cells.
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) first categorized in astroglial cells is a member of intermediate filaments which maintains cell's mechanical strength and structure.
GFAP is a protein found in the astroglial cytoskeleton and can be used to measure the glial response following TBI.
The findings by scientists from UC Davis School of Medicine and Shriners Hospitals for Children --Northern California focused on support cells in the brain called astroglial cells.
16,17) These are neuroprotective genes primarily expressed by schwann cells and astroglial cells in the peripheral nervous system, central nervous system and in skeletal muscle.
This ependymal loss appears much earlier than the increase of intracranial pressure and the ventriculomegaly and is therefore the first recognizable event in hydrocephalus pathology, and this is accompanied by a microglial and astroglial cell reaction; the subependymal astroglial cells respond by proliferation in such a way that they form a glial scar-like covering of the ventricular surface to replace the ependymal epithelium [12, 13].
En otro estudio de isquemia global transitoria, la proliferacion astroglial se hizo evidente solo siete dias despues de la reperfusion, posiblemente porque los astrocitos protoplasmaticos (del hipocampo) no intervienen en las primeras etapas del episodio isquemico (37).
Astroglial distribution and sexual differences in neural metabolism in mammillary bodies.
Although several earlier studies examined bcl-2 expression following chronic lithium exposure, those works were performed on transformed glial cell models, including human SVG p12 astroglial cells, rat C6 glioma cells, (26) and U87 human glioma cells, with and without ER stress induction, (27) no changes were found with lithium at therapeutically relevant concentrations (0.
Astroglial expression of ceramide in Alzheimer's disease brains: a role during neuronal apoptosis.