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tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cells


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Further support for the survival of astrocytes and lack of astroglial reactivity within regions of immunological demyelination was obtained from electron microscopic analyses (Figure 2).
2 shows that NYT (25-100 [micro]g/ml) significantly increased the amount of the NGF in the medium in a dose dependent manner as like the extract (200 [micro]g/ml) of another kampo medicine, Kami-untan-to (KUT), which has been reported as a potent activator of astroglial NGF secretion in vitro (Yabe and Yamada.
In this report, we describe the cellular distribution of the neuron-associated [Beta]III in 60 surgically excised common astrocytic gliomas, and we provide new evidence that aberrant expression of this neuronal cytoskeletal protein is a molecular signature of malignancy in astroglial tumors.
Recently, several studies [111-113] indicated that expression of astroglial Cxs is increased at amyloid plaques and that there is an increase in HC activity in reactive astrocytes that should certainly have an impact on gliovascular interaction.
Champeil-Potokar et al., "Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency aggravates glutamatergic synapse and astroglial aging in the rat hippocampal CA1," Aging Cell, vol.
Approximately half of cases had astroglial tumors, with the remainder evenly divided between PNETs and a heterogeneous group of other tumors (Table 1).
Prenatal cocaine delays astroglial maturation: immunodensitometry shows increased markers of immaturity (vimentin and GAP 43) and decreased proliferation and production of the growth factor S-100.
Identification of the pituicytes as astroglial cells by indirect immunofluorescence-staining for the glial fibrillary acidic protein.
Integral intensity of astroglial immunoreactivity in the GFAP staining was measured by computer-assisted image analysis program (AnalySIS, Soft Imaging System, GmbH, Muster, Germany).
In particular, there are several reports showing that St induces apoptotic death of astroglial cells in culture [53-57].
The excessive glutamate concentrations resulting from TNF-[alpha] stimulation of astroglial and microglial TNFR1 could be diminished by the glutamate uptake system [79,80]; however, TNF-[alpha] has a detrimental effect on astroglial glutamate uptake (reviewed by [81]) (Figure 1).
This fact has also been pointed by Ehrmann et al.[57] For these authors, p53 and bcl-2 would be important events in astroglial tumors survival, but p53 should be a prognostic factor only in glioblastomas and bcl-2 only in low-grade astrocytomas.
Purification of a brain specific astroglial protein by immunoaffinity chromatography.
Astroglial syncytium would be the most likely tissue responsible for accomplishing these fluid shifts as astrocytes have the capacity to preserve ion composition and volume of the peri- and intraneuronal space [14].