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tissue consisting of large stellate neuroglial cells


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Human iPSC-derived immature astroglia promote oligodendrogenesis by increasing TIMP-1 secretion.
Directing astroglia from the cerebral cortex into subtype specific functional neurons.
The neuroprotective effects of IGF-1 are unclear but it is known that IGF-1 receptors are present in brain endothelial cells, microglia, and astroglia and even in neurons [97].
123]I]CLINDE as a potent SPECT radiotracer to assess the degree of astroglia activation in cuprizone-induced neuroinflammation," European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, vol.
Cells called astroglia help regulate blood flow, provide energy to nearby cells and even influence message movement between nerve cells.
It is also known that alcohol induces an early transformation of radial astroglia into astrocytes, which leads to an impaired migration of neurons within the brain (Miller and Robertson, 1993).
The researchers found that, after exposure to high levels of alcohol, the levels of proteins associated with brain injury expressed by cells called astroglia in the animals' brains increased dramatically.
Objective: In the past decade, astroglia have emerged as an active and critical partner in neural circuit communication in the brain, in health and disease.
This ongoing inflammatory process was present in different areas of the brain and produced by cells known as microglia and astroglia," said Pardo.
Results of neuroimaging studies are often decisive in the classification of a given lesion because both the heterotropia and true encephalocele often consist solely of aggregatd astroglia embedded in fibrous tissue.
They differentiate into oligodendroglia and astroglia, and self-renew, migrate, and populate developing and/or degenerating central nervous system regions [12].
Of note, GFAP may be focally positive, which has been interpreted as reactive astroglia.
Kortikal organizasyon, noroaksonal iletisim ve sinaptik plastisitede ciddi etkinligi olan astroglia ve mikroglialarin islevlerinde gorulen fonksiyonel problemler, otizmin etyolojisinde ileri surulen olasi noronal disfonksiyon mekanizmalarindan biridir.
The side effects stem instead from the drug's action on astroglia, passive support cells long believed to play second fiddle to active neurons.
Papel de los anticuerpos anti-MOG, antiMBP y anti-proteina unidora de calcio de la astroglia (s100[gamma])